Death of a Disc (Infographic)

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The face of media expenditure has altered dramatically over a final few decades as we transition serve into a digital age, with many of a normal conventions of media tenure apropos a faded memory of a past.


In a final few years alone, many high-street favourites such as Blockbuster and HMV have sealed their doors as some-more and some-more people opt for a preference and accessibility of digital downloads over earthy copies of games, films and music. The idea of walking to a internal video let store to do your weekend home party has turn rather surplus with online subscription services charity viewers huge libraries of element right during their fingertips.

As a ‘on-demand generation’, have we dug a grave of earthy media for good? Or will a adore of owning collections and pity them with a peers keep a normal platforms of media expenditure alive and well? Are there consequences of an wholly digitalised universe we haven’t entirely considered?

Take a demeanour by a infographic next to learn either a ‘Death of a Disc’ is inevitable.