Deception Rules Gold And Silver Markets, Not Fundamentals

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Deception Rules Gold And Silver Markets, Not Fundamentals

Deception Rules Gold And Silver Markets, Not Fundamentals

There are dual things we know for certain about bullion and silver:  1. Fundamentals do not request [currently], and 2. There are no signs to infer an finish to this half-decade aged bear market.

There have been many calls for a turnaround in bullion and china given 2013.  In fact, a calls were not usually for a turnaround, though also calls for $10,000+ gold, and $400+ silver, starting in 2014.  It became apparent to us in a initial half of 2014 that it would finish with a whimper, usually as 2013 did,  and as 2014 continued, it seemed equally as approaching that 2015 might not transport many better, and it not usually did not, though it got worse with reduce prices and a prospects for still reduce prices to come.  This puts a initial partial of 2016 in question.

We chose to criticism on a Syria conditions over a past few weeks given it seemed to residence a fact that bullion and china would not uncover any signs of a turnaround for as prolonged as situations like Syria exist with 0 fear impact to pierce bullion higher.  We contend fear impact because there is a larger luck that a Middle East, and Syria in sold could light WWIII.

It creates no clarity to plead fundamentals as practical to bullion and china given they are intensity during a benefaction time, interjection to globalist US executive bank manipulation, [throw in a UK]. It is holding distant longer than many approaching for bullion and china to simulate a implausible universe imbalance between arising unconstrained fiat, guileful bonds, and stealing all behind a shade derivative market.  There can be no doubt that tenure of earthy bullion and china will prerogative their holders.  It has been proven so via time, and it will infer to be a box this time around, as well.  Keep buying, keep holding.

The Obama administration is doing all it can to emanate a intensity for venerable disaster on tip of a disaster it has combined in formulating ISIS as a means of unlawfully removing absolved of an inaugurated boss in Assad.  Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey are also doing their partial to make a bad conditions worse to make certain Shiites do not benefit any some-more energy or control in that trio’s backyard.

If these maturation events can't move to bear any impact on a cost of gold, afterwards bullion and china will sojourn as mired down during low levels as many as a US has remained mired down in a unsuccessful policies via a Middle East in a destabilization efforts to being about change.  Russia’s support of Assad has unprotected both a artfulness and ineptness of a US perplexing to get absolved of a Syrian president.

Americans live in a media burble that precludes them from conference what is indeed going on in Syria, even Yemen. Let us behind lane about 6 or 7 months ago.  Russia had due a UN Security Council fortitude prohibiting a use of Space/Cosmos for infantry purposes.  Guess that republic vetoed it?  A few weeks later, Russia renamed a Air Force to Air-Cosmic Force.  There was 0 media coverage.  Absolutely none! Then, usually 2 weeks later, a US satellite was blown up, evidently given of a “sudden heat increase.”

We will never know what a purpose of a satellite was, though it is peculiar that this happened, and it is an instance of a auxiliary events that do not seem directly related to a Middle East, nonetheless a common denominator joining a US is Russia.  The globalists want Russia resigned into submission, and Obama is doing what he can in a use to a globalists to move Russia to her knees, though Putin  has turn an annoying thorn in a sides of a globalists and Obama.

Recently, Laura Seal, mouthpiece for a US State Dept, said Russia was bombing Syrian hospitals and murdering civilians. When pulpy by dual reporters, one from RT [Russia Today], she refused to give any specifics. [Hard to clear lies when pulpy for a truth.] However, a US has admitted, on record, to bombing a sanatorium in Afghanistan, a Doctors Without Borders hospital, murdering 30. Further, civilians fleeing the sanatorium on feet were shot down by a planes, according to flourishing witnesses.

Not usually has there been no US media coverage gripping a American open [un]informed of events, there has been no burden for a Nobel Peace Prize target Obama’s unsuccessful involvement in Syria being obliged for a detriment of over 300,000 lives and a banishment of over 4,ooo,ooo refugees.  Instead of perplexing to better ISIS, that a US claims is one of a misfortune probable militant organizations, [created, financed, and armed by a CIA], Obama is ramping adult ammunition drops to ISIS and other terrorists and promulgation some-more infantry to Iraq to hindrance Putin’s momentum.  The possibility of a vital quarrel increases everyday.

Syria has strictly asked for Russia to intervene, and Syria has also told a US it is conjunction wanted nor needed. That has not stopped Obama as he and his neocon advisers have motionless to put 30 – 50 special ops advisors in Syria, aka boots on a ground, something Obama betrothed not to do on during slightest 16 new occasions. Of course, Obama has an unblemished record for not gripping any of his promises.

[Neocons are all for curtailing polite liberties, giveaway markets, and wish to see inhabitant temperament cards introduced in a US to easier lane people].

It is no fluke that usually a few weeks after Russia began bombing ISIS strongholds and murdering vast numbers, annoying a US again, a Russian blurb jet airliner mysteriously exploded in mid-air, murdering all aboard.  Interestingly, it was a US that was initial to explain that a explosve had been placed on house a flight.  As another aside, it should be remarkable that Israel is in assign of Egypt’s airfield security.  [What could go wrong there?]

What led a US to demonstrate that conclusion?  It had a satellite thermal picture of a splendid peep occurring usually as a craft was broken in a air.  How engaging a US would be following by satellite a Russian blurb moody out of Egypt that happened to constraint a blast in real-time.  Why would a US be following a slight blurb moody out of Egypt by satellite?

Recall how final summer, 2014, when Malaysian moody MH-17 was shot down while drifting over Ukraine.  You can gamble that a US was closely following this quarrel segment by satellite in an area where it had an active interest, nonetheless for some reason, it never spoke out about carrying satellite images of that moody when tangible thermal images existed.  For those with brief memories, a day after a downing of moody MH-17, Obama announced that a craft was downed by Russia, accusing Putin of being involved.  There is a reason given Obama never spoken another accusatory word since, and he positively never retracted his indictment opposite Putin.

With a downing of a Russian jet, murdering all aboard, how does Obama respond?

On Tuesday Nov 3rd, U.S. Defense Department orator Laura Seal announced that twelve F-15C air-to-air quarrel planes are being sent to a Incirlik Turkey Air Base for deployment in Syria opposite Russia’s Su-30 air-to-air quarrel planes. Neither a F-15C nor a Su-30 can destroy ground-targets, usually air-targets — rivalry planes.

It is critical to know that a F-15C planes can't destroy ISIS belligerent targets. Rather, a planes are usually for air-to-air combat. Guess that is a usually republic certified to fly in Syrian atmosphere space? Yes, Russia. So Obama is deliberately promulgation in planes that might eventually be used opposite Russia’s Su-30 fighters.

Can there by any doubt in anyone’s mind that a US and a Obama regime are deliberately interfering in another emperor country’s affairs, generally after being told a US was not acquire there? The US has been doing all possible, for decades, to subdue, and destroy, if necessary, Russia? Why else would a US be doing all probable to place NATO bases as tighten to Russia as possible?

If, and everybody hopes it stays “if” and not when,  WWIII is started, it will be from a approach actions taken by a many aggressions/suppressive republic on a planet, a corporate sovereign UNITED STATES, owned and destined by a globalists.

Many, if not many Americans still trust a sovereign supervision is there to strengthen them, in some way. We always disciple that people do their possess due industry and not take a word for anything pronounced in these commentaries. Every US citizen was announced to be an rivalry of a sovereign supervision by an amendment to a Trading With The Enemy Act in 1933. It is harder to determine now on a internet given a lot of information is being “sanitized,” though diligence will compensate off.  The sovereign supervision is not given people think.

It was a matter of time before a Federal Reserve fiat emanate “dollar” would replenish a ceiling pressure.  The Fed is irretrievably held in a web of fiat self-destruction, during slightest for a US and a good partial of a EU.  More than likely, a globalists are bathing a Yuan to reinstate a “dollar,” though China is not prepared to take over that purpose of a world’s haven currency.

It is not unfit to contend China might never take over that role, though if it is to be a globalist’s Special Drawing Rights [SDRs] that turn a subsequent de facto universe currency, China will wish to and will play a some-more critical purpose and have a larger say.  Russia and a Ruble sojourn a doubt mark.

As we have remarkable all year, a banking improvement has been comparatively weak, and diseased corrections auger for aloft prices.  There is no approach to know how many aloft a dishonesty of a fiat “dollar” will go.

DX W 7 Nov 15

In any/all TRs, a solve is reached as cost moves over and over along a RHS of a TR [Right Hand Side].  There will fundamentally be signs of some form of finale movement that declares a down trend  to be finished.  We have not nonetheless seen any such sign.  The earlier cost can make a new new reduce low, a larger a luck that a down trend will end.  In that regard, everybody who wants to be bullish should hearten on reduce prices, for now.

GC W 7 Nov 15

If a daily draft conveys any summary during all, it says a down trend is not over, and a luck of a new new low is greater, as of final week. The EDM [Ease of Downward Movement], given a mid-October high is an sincere matter that sellers sojourn in full control, and buyers sojourn incompetent to assistance their possess cause.

The trend is down, and believe of any trend is a one of a many critical pieces of information one can have.  We have been creation this indicate for a past few years and will continue creation it until a change has been confirmed.

Never quarrel a tape, an aged saw that will always sojourn true.

GC D 7 Nov 15

Compare a TR territory from Jun 2013 by Oct 2014, with a reduce TR from Nov 2014 to date.  The latter, reduce TR has smaller ranges and is some-more compact.  This is a marketplace promotion a fact that sellers, while still in control are anticipating it some-more formidable to pull cost reduce and faster over a past year.  It might be a idea that a finish of this prolonged TR gets closer to ending.  All that is indispensable is a form of finale action, and there is none.

SI W 7 Nov 15

The fake breakout, 8 TDs ago, looked earnest given of a comparatively diseased improvement following a convene during a start of October.   We took a tiny position on a dermatitis and experienced a tiny loss.  No one can be blamed for removing long, formed on building marketplace activity that had a certain formation, for there was unequivocally no approach to expect a demeanour in that cost did eventually retreat so quickly.

The use of stops kept bearing during a reasonable level, and stops are a compulsory requirement.  Anyone who trades though stops is seeking for a condensed trade life.

More calm is compulsory in holding bullion and silver.  Buying and holding still creates sense.  The fiat “dollar” can't and will not survive.



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