Defence Minister’s ‘stroll’ by Guard of Honour ruffles feathers: Mr Parrikar, we owe Armed Forces an apology

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It is truly unbelievable. Since the picture of Union Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar strolling while inspecting a Guard of Honour has started doing a rounds, the Ministry of Defence should explain possibly a photo is morphed or is it photoshopped usually to confuse Parrikar. Or possibly it is unequivocally him ‘embarrassing’ and scornful a armed forces’ Guard of Honour.

One doesn’t need to be a pro-or-anti any domestic celebration or it has zero to do with being passive possibly to know that Parrikar’s opinion is usually nonchalant. He is accidentally walking as if he is strolling during Baga beach! This isn’t a approach we take a salute or honour a line up.


A design of Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar, inspecting a Guard of Honour with his hands in his pocket, is doing a rounds of amicable media. (Image source unknown)

This design does not prove where or when though they are unequivocally a churned army Indian ensure of honour receiving Parrikar, who is accompanied by a Guard Commander.Was he unequivocally holding that honour ensure with his hands in his pockets?

Now, if it is loyal afterwards it boils a blood. The summary is forwarded by several angry use officers who have taken displeasure during this insusceptibility to custom and infantry courtesy.

The reason since we usually can't nonetheless move myself to accept a design as genuine is since no one could be so thoughtless.

One late army maestro writes: “Do see how an Indian Sardar, Harjit sajan usually allocated Defence Minister of Canada, reviews a parade! Kindly concentration on his spin out(compare that to yours).”

One is astounded that a Armed Forces Chiefs have not taken conflict to this arrange of turnout, which is since it is needed that a law be told.  You owe a Army, Navy and Air Force an reason in box this design is a genuine one.

The obverse is that a Defence Minister of India has no honour for his troops. Is that disregard since there hasn’t been a fight for so long? Will usually that hazard put some spine in your back?