Delivery male beheads trainer in suspected Islamist conflict on French gas site | Reuters

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SAINT-QUENTIN FALLAVIER, France A smoothness male with famous Islamist connectors beheaded his trainer and left a body, daubed with Arabic writing, during a site of a U.S.-owned gas bureau in southeast France before perplexing to blow adult a complex.

The assailant rammed his smoothness outpost into a room containing gas canisters, triggering an initial explosion, and was arrested mins after as he attempted to open canisters containing incendiary chemicals, prosecutors pronounced on Friday.

Police found a conduct of a victim, a 54-year-old manager of a ride organisation that employed a suspect, swinging from a fence.

“The conduct was detected unresolved on a factory’s handle fence, framed by dual flags that enclosed references to a shahada, or (Muslim) contention of faith,” Paris open prosecutor Francois Molins told a news conference.

France is still entrance to terms with attacks by Islamist gunmen who killed 17 people in Jan during a satirical weekly journal and a Jewish foodstore.

The latest conflict occurred on a same day that a gunman killed during slightest 37 people during a Tunisian beachside hotel and an Islamist State self-murder bomber killed dual dozen and bleeding some-more than 200 during a mosque in Kuwait.

“There is no other couple other than to contend that terrorism is a common enemy,” pronounced President Francois Hollande, returning to Paris from an EU limit in Brussels.

“There should be no doubt as to a country’s ability to strengthen itself and sojourn vigilant,” he said, announcing a tightening of inhabitant confidence to levels he pronounced were rare in new decades.

Hollande pronounced there were inscriptions on a headless body, and military sources pronounced they were in Arabic, though officials did not exhibit their content.


No organisation claimed shortcoming for a French conflict and a ground was unknown.

The assailant was harmed in a blast and arrested on a site. His wife, sister and a third authority were taken into control for questioning.

Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve named a think as Yassin Sahli. He pronounced Sahli did not have a rapist record though had been underneath notice from 2006 to 2008 on guess of carrying turn radicalised by Islamist associates.

The conflict happened during an industrial section circuitously a city of Saint-Quentin Fallavier to a south of a city of Lyon. Its air, rail and highway links have done it one of Europe’s vital logistics hubs, with through-traffic of 5,000 trucks a day.

Sources tighten to a review pronounced Sahli was a 35-year-old veteran motorist who lived in a Lyon suburbs. Europe 1 radio interviewed a lady they identified as his wife.

“In a morning he left for work and didn’t come home between noon and 2. we was watchful for him,” she told Europe 1 radio, observant she and her family of 3 children lived normal lives as Muslims. “My heart is about to give out.”

French radio filming outward Sahli’s unit showed cinema of military heading out a woman, her conduct lonesome by a blanket, into a watchful car. Forensic military were carrying out searches on a ground-floor apartment.

“They are a really normal family,” a neighbour who gave her name as Brigitte said. “I usually talked with madame, he didn’t contend hello or goodbye,” a 46-year-old housewife told Reuters.

The conflict underlined again a problem for authorities opposite Europe and elsewhere of safeguarding supposed “soft” targets opposite strikes by assailants handling by themselves or in tiny clandestine cells.


France, that has contributed aircraft to a general bloc fighting Islamic State insurgents in Iraq, has prolonged been named on Islamist sites as a primary aim for attacks.

In January, Islamist gunmen killed 17 people in a offices of a Charlie Hebdo satirical weekly and a Jewish food store.

In April, Prime Minister Manuel Valls pronounced no fewer than 5 attacks had been thwarted in a nation given then.

Noting that hundreds of French nationals are in Syria where they risked being radicalised by Islamist fighters, officials have prolonged pronounced France has never seen a aloft hazard level.

The site of Friday’s conflict belonged to Air Products (APD.N), a U.S. industrial gases and chemicals company. It was immediately ringfenced by military and puncture services.

Air Products pronounced a predicament and puncture response teams were “working closely with all germane authorities”.

The company’s authority and arch executive is Seifi Ghasemi, who in 2011 testimony to a U.S. Senate cabinet described himself as Iranian-born. Mainly Shi’ite Iran is a sworn rivalry of Sunni-dominated Islamic State.

According to French regulations germane to zones where gases and chemicals are handled, a site would have been compulsory to exercise confidence arrangements during a low finish of a European Union’s supposed “Seveso” scale, named after a plcae of an industrial collision in northern Italy in 1976.

Prosecutor Molins pronounced closed-circuit TV images showed a assailant nearing during a site. Because his car was certified to make deliveries, it was authorised by a gates.

The CCTV cameras mislaid lane of his movements for several minutes, afterwards picked adult a outpost again as it accelerated towards a room within a premises. A shrill blast was heard.

When puncture services arrived a few mins later, they found a headless physique of a plant by a outpost and a blade nearby. They captivated a think as he was opening bottles of acetone, a incendiary glass chemical.

Cazeneuve pronounced a supervision had systematic confidence to be stepped adult around all supportive sites and Hollande announced that confidence arrangements in a segment would be placed during their top turn for a subsequent 3 days.

(Reporting by Paris bureau; essay by Mark John; modifying by Mark Trevelyan)

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