Democrats Press G.O.P. to Consider a Supreme Court Pick

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President Obama, with King Abdullah II of Jordan, talked to reporters about a Supreme Court.

Stephen Crowley/The New York Times

WASHINGTON — From a White House to a Capitol to a debate trail, a whole Democratic energy structure on Wednesday mobilized to mangle by Republican antithesis and transparent a trail for President Obama to name a Supreme Court inheritor to a late Justice Antonin Scalia.

Mr. Obama — enticed by a history-altering event — telephoned senators and pulled one aside on Wednesday, took to a Internet to fact his “careful deliberation” over intensity nominees, and reproached Republicans for siding with “extreme” elements in their party. Hillary Clinton rallied African-American electorate in South Carolina. Democratic leaders in a Capitol pulpy a White House to name a hopeful quickly, and a Democratic National Committee rallied magnanimous vigour groups.

In what seemed to be a domestic feint, one intensity nominee’s name leaked out, Nevada’s Republican governor, Brian Sandoval, a claimant clearly distributed to denote a inlet of Republican obstreperousness. The White House pronounced it was operative to report a normal Oval Office assembly between a boss and comparison Republicans and Democrats to plead a routine of stuffing a vacancy. But even that highlighted a narrow-minded divide.

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Supreme Court Nominees Considered in Election Years Are Usually Confirmed

Since 1900, a Senate has voted on 8 Supreme Court nominees during an choosing year. Six were confirmed.

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Mr. Obama insisted that in private conversations, Republican boast was tempered. “They’re flattering humble about it,” he said.

Hours later, Mr. Obama approached Senator Orrin G. Hatch, Republican of Utah, after a signing rite for a square of trade legislation in a Oval Office, to make his box in authority to a former authority of a Judiciary Committee. Mr. Obama “affirmed his joining to name an particular to a dais who is uncommonly competent and honourable of a consummate and satisfactory acknowledgment routine by a Senate,” a White House central said, vocalization on condition of anonymity to report a private conversation.

“I commend a politics are tough for them, since a easier thing to do is to give in to a many impassioned voices within their celebration and mount pat and do nothing, though that’s not a job,” Mr. Obama pronounced in a Oval Office, holding 9 mins during a finish of a assembly with King Abdullah II of Jordan to insist on his right to allege a hopeful to a nation’s top court. “Our pursuit is to perform a inherent duties.”

On Capitol Hill, Democrats pulpy a White House to put brazen a hopeful quickly. “I wish him to do it — find somebody quickly, get vetted and get it to us,” Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, a Democratic leader, pronounced of Obama in an interview.

Mr. Obama gave no spirit that he was prepared to do so, though Democrats began orchestrating a debate of domestic pressure, that during a smallest could spur a Democratic bottom brazen of a Nov elections, officials secretly said.

The leaking of Mr. Sandoval’s name seemed to be partial of that effort. Senate Republicans pronounced a governor’s celebration connection done no disproportion — they would not even cruise any hopeful put brazen by Mr. Obama. That usually amplified Democratic rhetoric. “I am contemptible a Republicans are treating even one of their possess that way,” Mr. Reid said.

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Interactive Graphic: Supreme Court Precedents That May Be during Risk

In South Carolina, Hillary Clinton assimilated a bid Wednesday in an residence to a Kappa Alpha Sorority, a heading membership multitude for African-American women. “We contingency make a Supreme Court a voting issue,” she said. “Let’s put vigour on a Senate, let’s support a president. Let’s see if we can’t find a handful of Republicans who will do their duty.”

The Democratic National Committee, that has launched a media debate around a Supreme Court cavity regulating a hashtag #FillTheSeat, orderly a discussion call on Wednesday with termination rights supporters to stress a significance of permitting Mr. Obama to name a subsequent justice. “This is an emanate that has to be towering since it affects all of a priorities,” pronounced Luis Miranda, a committee’s communications director, observant that identical calls any day this week focused on happy rights, voting rights, and health care. “There’s a problem for Republicans being a celebration of obstruction, and we need to gleam a spotlight on a fact that they’re perplexing to make a Supreme Court as dysfunctional as a Congress has been.”

In a guest post on Scotusblog, a website that covers a high court, Mr. Obama offering a window into his preference process, observant he was seeking a probity with “a penetrating bargain that probity is not about epitome authorised theory, nor some footnote in a dry casebook.”

The authority would be “eminently qualified,” Mr. Obama wrote, and someone who “recognizes a boundary of a judiciary’s role,” though an ideological agenda.

“It’s a kind of life knowledge warranted outward a classroom and a courtroom; knowledge that suggests he or she views a law not usually as an egghead exercise, though also grasps a approach it affects a daily existence of people’s lives in a big, formidable democracy, and in fast changing times,” a boss wrote.

Mr. Obama likely that Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, a infancy leader, and other Republicans would not be means to means their refusal to acknowledge or act on his nominee, adding that in his private conversations with some of them on a matter, it was transparent to him that they were not gentle with that stance. He added, “I consider it will be really formidable for Mr. McConnell to explain, if a open concludes that this authority is really good qualified, that a Senate should mount in a approach simply for domestic reasons.”

But in a symbol of a unusual resources surrounding a election-year high probity dispute, even a normal White House assembly to start formulation for a acknowledgment routine took on an atmosphere of controversy. Mr. Obama on Monday invited Mr. McConnell and a Judiciary Committee Chairman, Senator Charles E. Grassley, Republican of Iowa, for a revisit Thursday this week along with Mr. Reid and a comparison Democrat on a committee, Senator Patrick J. Leahy of Vermont. By Wednesday afternoon, White House officials had not nonetheless perceived a response from a Republicans. Aides to Mr. McConnell and Mr. Grassley pronounced they were operative to find a jointly available time to meet, though that Mr. McConnell would use a event to echo that a president’s probity assignment will not go forward. “The personality welcomes a event to echo to a boss directly that a American people will be listened on this matter, and a assignment will be dynamic by whoever wins a presidency in a fall,” Mr. McConnell’s spokesman, Don Stewart, said.

Democrats argued that Republican strategy demonstrated disregard for a president. “Senate Republicans are giving a center finger to a American people and they are giving a center finger to this president,” pronounced Senator Chris Murphy, Democrat of Connecticut, said.