Despite Gold & Silver Being Just A ‘Pet Rock’, Premium On Physical Bullion Is Exploding

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“One critical aspect of a earthy marketplace that is mostly ignored is a reward it commands over mark price. Right before a Global Financial Crisis in 2008, a mark Silver cost fell as low as USD 9 per oz., since a cost of a 1 oz. Silver Eagle was around USD 17 on a indiscriminate marketplace and even aloft on a sell market! That’s a cost reward of 188%!


That means that if we had hold 100 oz. of paper Silver, we competence have had to repay that for USD 900 (assuming a marketplace was not halted for trade then), since if we had hold 100 pieces of 1 oz. Silver Eagle coins, we would have gotten during slightest USD 1700 for them if not more.”


BullionStar, The Difference in Paper and Physical Gold and Silver in times of Crisis