Detecting Leaks and Flaws in Water Pipelines – Stage 1

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Can we assistance us detect leaks and flaws in H2O pipelines?

This launches Stage 1 of a designed two-stage competition, that culminates in a Grand Prize Challenge including lab or margin antecedent scale demonstrations.

Reclamation’s H2O vehicle complement includes over 20,000 miles of buried pipelines done of several materials including metal, plastic, concrete, and composite. Municipal H2O application collaborators also have endless delivery and placement tube networks. Pipeline components, such as joints, fittings, valves, and particular siren sections, are theme to steam due to damage, corrosion, and other forms of degradation. Detecting H2O detriment from pipelines will trigger suitable maintenance, permitting charge of wanting H2O resources and some-more arguable use to clients.

Reclamation and the collaborators are seeking methods and technologies that can reliably and simply detect leaks and flaws in operating, pressurized H2O tube infrastructure regardless of size, abyss of burial, siren element or interior lining. Our primary concentration is anticipating condition comment solutions for 48-inch or larger siren diameters and for steel and prestressed petrify cylinder siren types, nonetheless solutions for all siren forms and diameters larger than 24 inches will be considered.

Amount of prizes is $75,000.00 .


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