Did You Know That George Washington Wasn’t The First President Of The U.S.?

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Forget what you’ve been told. George Washington was not a initial boss of a United States.

George Washington, a distinguished “first” president, a male who appears on a $1 bill, a quarter, and is a theme of countless iconic paintings, was not a initial chairman to regulate over America. Now that your mind has been totally blown, we should know that there were indeed 8 other presidents before him! Life is a lie, friends.

The United States announced a autonomy from Great Britain in 1776, and a Revolutionary War finished in 1783. Washington wasn’t inaugurated until 1789, so what was going on in a meantime? Our country’s initial complement of supervision was orderly in 1781 underneath a Articles of Confederation, during that indicate officials from a Continental Congress inaugurated presidents. The following 8 gents sat during a helm of a U.S. supervision before George Washington came along.

1. John Hanson (1781-1782)

John Hanson (1781-1782)

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Hanson was inaugurated by Congress unanimously as a initial boss of a United States. He was a member of a Continental Congress and was inaugurated to offer a one-year term.

2. Elias Boudinot (1782-1783)

Elias Boudinot (1782-1783)


This lady served as a second president. A nominee from New Jersey, Boudinot after led a United States Mint.

3. Thomas Mifflin (1783-1784)

Thomas Mifflin (1783-1784)


Mifflin served as Major General in a Revolutionary War and was a congressman from Pennsylvania before he was inaugurated to be a third president. He afterwards became a initial administrator of Pennsylvania.

4. Richard Henry Lee (1784-1785)

Richard Henry Lee (1784-1785)


Lee was a politician from Virginia, and he’s a one who initial due a suit for a colonies’ autonomy from Great Britain. After his army as president, he became a senator.

5. John Hancock (1785-1786)

John Hancock (1785-1786)


The country’s many famous signature came from this man, who served as a fifth president. He afterwards acted as a initial administrator of Massachusetts.

6. Nathaniel Gorham (1786-1787)

Nathaniel Gorham (1786-1787)


This nominee from Massachusetts was a rarely reputable businessman who after became a sixth president. You can find his signature on a Constitution as well.

7. Arthur St. Clair (1787-1788)

Arthur St. Clair (1787-1788)


St. Clair was a vital in a Continental Army before apportionment as president. After his presidency, he presided as a initial administrator of a segment that after became Ohio.

8. Cyrus Griffin (1788-1789)

Cyrus Griffin (1788-1789)

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The final of a pre-Washington presidents, Griffin quiescent after a Constitution was put into place. He spent a latter apportionment of his career operative as a sovereign judge.

(via Constitution)

The subsequent time someone tells we that George Washington was a initial president, tell them that he was a initial boss underneath a Constitution, not underneath a Articles of Confederation. That’s some mind-blowing trivia right there, folks.