Digital Liquid Dispensing Syringe

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Fizer3D is a digital glass dispensing syringe with ultraviolet LED. It will control a volume of creosote extruded accurately around a programmable syringe pump. Tiny creosote drops of a correct distance will be injected into a forsake area. In box we inject too most resin, a Fixer3D can siphon creosote behind into a syringe. Then you can heal it immediately following regulating a integrated ultraviolet LED light. The ultraviolet LED light has a focused lamp to protection fast restorative of a resin. It uses a micro step engine and a replaceable syringe to recover a preferred volume of resin, possibly by particular drops or a continual stream. The 3 buttons on a physique control a transformation of a syringe and activation of a ultraviolet light.  


Besides repairs, a It can also be used as a glue apparatus so that we can imitation a vast intent in mixed pieces and glue them together. Other probable applications for a Fixer include:

  1. Insulate/fix electronic components on a circuit board
  2. Disperse solder pulp for DIY electric board
  3. High pointing holder conduct for DIY 3D printer project
  4. Programmable mini syringe siphon for other glass materials
  5. Withdraw colouring in accurate volume and brew for your possess resin

The firmware is open-source and customizable according to your needs. There are 4 pre-defined injection speeds by a switches inside a Fixer. You can also customize a injection speed, restorative time or a handling sequence. It can be hold and operated absolutely with a singular palm and is powered by a Li-Ion battery that is USB chargeable.

The plan has so distant lifted some-more than $19 thousands on Kickstarter, from some-more than 172 backers, with 8 days to go before a debate ends. Those subsidy this debate are betrothed shipping date of July 2017. The cost is $99.


Source: Kickstarter