Dishwashers are among a least-used appliances in American homes

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Compared with other vital home appliances such as garments washers, dryers, and cooking equipment, dishwashers are both reduction pervasive and reduction expected to be used when available. Of a 80 million households that have a dishwasher, 16 million (almost 20%) did not use their dishwasher in 2015, formed on information from EIA’s Residential Energy Consumption Survey (RECS). On a whole, a small some-more than half (54%) of all U.S. households both have a dishwasher and use it during slightest once a week.

Image credit: U.S. Energy Information Administration

Since a initial cycle in 1978, RECS has prisoner a far-reaching operation of home appetite and apparatus characteristics. Updates to a 2015 RECS petition authorised EIA to collect information on a magnitude of use of appliances, including vital appliances that were not being used during all. This information can be compared opposite demographic characteristics, divulgence information that compares use or nonuse opposite regions, housing types, domicile sizes, and domicile income levels. For example, revoke income households are some-more expected to have older, new dishwashers.

Image credit: U.S. Energy Information Administration

Analysis from a U.S. Department of Energy and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR module suggests that dishwashers save H2O and appetite compared with soaking by hand. New dishwashers are consistently among a products with a top rates of ENERGY STAR qualification: 84% of models shipped to retailers in 2015 met a ENERGY STAR criteria.

Image credit: U.S. Energy Information Administration

Secondary refrigerators are expected another instance of underused appliances in American homes. Since a initial RECS in 1978, formula have shown that probably all homes in a United States have a refrigerator. In new years, a share of homes with some-more than one fridge has grown rapidly. Since 1997, a commission of households with a second fridge has doubled to 30% of all homes.

Second refrigerators, mostly located in a garage or basement, tend to be comparison and reduction fit than primary refrigerators. Refrigerators built before 1990 expected devour during slightest 1,000 kilowatthours per year—more than double a annual expenditure of likewise sized new refrigerators and roughly 10% of normal domicile electricity consumption. To revoke a superiority of older, reduction fit second refrigerators, many electric utilities and states run potency programs that offer financial incentives to mislay and recycle second refrigerators.

Human function and a effects on appetite use in buildings is among a many topics that will be discussed during a 2017 EIA Energy Conference. The row will be moderated by Erin Boedecker, personality of EIA’s Buildings Energy Consumption and Efficiency Analysis team. Panelists include

  • Karen Ehrhardt-Martinez, Navigant
  • Kurt Roth, Fraunhofer Center for Sustainable Energy Systems
  • Marina Sofos, U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Source: EIA

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