DIYBio network will entice to join in experimentation

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The newly moulding DIYBio network is rising in Nordic and Baltic segment that connects a researchers, makers, artists, scientists around their common seductiveness in DIYBio and their enterprise to figure possess destiny by a routine of making. It brings together biolabs, people and organisations from Nordic, Baltic and other European countries and represents a vicious mass now operative in DIYBio field, entrance from grassroots initiatives.

“With a due network of biolabs, people and associated organisations we wish to fill a opening between a lifted recognition of environmental changes and a anthropocene, artistic practices, systematic experiments and daily habits around a kitchens. We wish to go to adults and a so called “Generation M.” due in 2014 by Dimitris Papadopoulos. We wish to know how a colleagues do their investigate around DIYBio and exercise their believe in their practices. We wish to build a network while apropos tighten friends, we wish to share a believe and we wish to learn from people meditative like us, with us and for us. We wish to turn socially active and we wish to de-mystify systematic experiments and worldly artistic mythos. We wish to know what is life and how matter around us becomes life. Within this network we wish to actively figure a future.” – says one of a initiators of a network Mindaugas Gapševičius.

A winding forum for sell of hacks, ideas, operative methods, discoveries, practice and destiny visions combine together. From systematic discoveries, technological inventions, philosophical insights, scholarship novella to artistic visions – all is taken into account. The network manifests a activities in a form of meetings and workshops with discussions. Between 2017–2018 a events will be organized in DIY biolabs or plan spaces focusing on citizen scholarship and bio art.

Each eventuality will aim to enhance a builder village by mouth-watering a internal initiatives to join and to minister with new resources and new forms of operation. Each of a foreseen events will concentration on a sub–theme identified by a network formed on a ongoing debate. The events will finish with a open panel.

Organisations participating in a network: Bioartsociety (FI), i/o/lab Centre for Future Art (NO), Studio NG20 in Malmö (SE), Institutio media (LT), Synthetic Biology Organisation (iGEM Vilnius) (LT), Technarium hackerspace (LT), International Hackteria Society and Global Hackteria Network (CH), University of Southern Denmark (DK), Biologigaragen (DK), Bauhaus University Weimar (DE), Top Association for a Promotion of Cultural Practice in Berlin (DE).

The network has been instituted by organization Institutio Media. It is upheld by Nordic Culture Point and International Semiotics Institute of Kaunas University of Technology. More information on a plan

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