DNA-based nanodevices for molecular medicine

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Virus-protein-coated DNA origami nanostructures. With a assistance of protein encapsulation, DNA origamis can be ecstatic into tellurian cells many some-more efficiently.

Self-assembled DNA nanostructures can be used in molecular-scale diagnostics and as intelligent drug-delivery vehicles.

Researchers from Aalto University have published an essay in a new Trends in Biotechnology journal. The essay discusses how DNA molecules can be built into tailored and formidable nanostructures, and further, how these structures can find uses in therapeutics and bionanotechnological applications. In a examination article, a researchers outline a higher properties of DNA nanostructures, and how these facilities capacitate a growth of fit biological DNA-nanomachines. Moreover, these DNA nanostructures yield new applications in molecular medicine, such as novel approaches in rebellious cancer. Tailored DNA structures could find targeted cells and recover their molecular cargo (drugs or antibodies) selectively into these cells.

“Nowadays, program and techniques to pattern and copy DNA nanostructures are intensely absolute and user-friendly, and thus, researchers can simply erect their possess DNA-objects for several uses. The large bang in a margin of constructional DNA nanotechnology happened in 2006, when Paul Rothemund introduced a technique dubbed ‘DNA origami’. This process is a starting indicate for many all other candid pattern approaches accessible today”, describes Veikko Linko, an Academy of Finland postdoctoral researcher from Biohybrid Materials Group.

Versatile DNA nanostructures

The many critical underline of a DNA-based nanostructure is a modularity. DNA structures can be built with nanometer-precision, and many importantly, other molecules such as RNA, proteins, peptides and drugs can be anchored to them with a same resolution. Such a high correctness can be exploited in formulating nanosized visual inclination as good as molecular platforms and barcodes for several imaging techniques and analytics. Furthermore, a researchers from Aalto University and University of Jyväskylä have recently shown how DNA origamis can be used in fit phony of custom-shaped steel nanoparticles that could be used in several fields of element sciences.

For molecular medicine, little DNA-based inclination could be employed not usually in detecting singular molecules though also in modulating dungeon signaling. In a nearby future, rarely worldly DNA-robots could be even used in formulating synthetic defence systems. A complement formed on tailored DNA-devices could assistance to equivocate nonessential drug treatments, given automatic DNA-nanorobots could detect several agents from a blood stream, and immediately start a conflict opposite disease.

Groundbreaking proceed to emanate nanomaterials

The investigate organisation lead by Professor Mauri Kostiainen works extensively with DNA nanostructures, and a organisation has only recently published dual investigate articles per DNA-based applications in biotechnology and molecular medicine. The researchers have coated DNA nanostructures with pathogen capsid proteins in sequence to significantly urge their ride to tellurian cells; this could find uses for instance in extended drug delivery. In addition, a organisation has designed a modular DNA-based enzymatic nanoreactor that can be exploited in diagnostics during a molecular scale level.

Source: Aalto University