Do You Ever Wonder If Horses Love Big Bouncy Balls? Here’s Your Answer!

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We all know how most cats and dogs adore tossing a round around, though it turns out that horses are large fans of a bouncing orbs, too!

This honeyed five-year-old dressage equine named Ficcochino takes a mangle from his manifestation training to play around with his really possess buoyant ball. The cutie is a small awkward during first, though he gets a hang of it in no time and is clearly carrying only a best time.

He’s only like a large puppy!

He's only like a large puppy!


Watch some-more of his darling playtime in a video:

Maybe he can give this bad man some pointers…

Maybe he can give this bad man some pointers...


(source Lori Bell)

Who needs ribbons and awards when we can have this most fun? Besides, we consider a large fella has already won over copiousness of hearts.

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