Dog Walks 4 Miles To Town Every Day For 12 Years To Visit All Of His Friends

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They contend dogs are man’s best friend, though for this friendly pooch, he has a whole city full of friends to select from.

Living in a tiny city can be both a blessing and a curse. Typically, people know any other by their initial names, though such merriment means that everybody knows all of a internal dirt. The people of Longville, Minnesota, however, are some-more meddlesome in saying their internal celeb than they are in swelling rumors.

Bruno a dog has been creation a same four-mile trek into city for a final 12 years. Walking along a highway, he creates stops during a internal deli, city hall, and even creates time to revisit his friends during their particular houses. He has turn such a welcomed partial of a city that a statue was consecrated in his honor.

The dog…the myth….the legend…BRUNO!


I need to severely step adult my crony game. I’m propitious if we see my best friends once a month, let alone once a day.