Dog Who Was Badass Airport Employee Loses Battle To Cancer

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When we hear a tenure “K-9” we substantially consider of dogs operative with military to strengthen and offer their communities. But for K-9 Piper, his work was during a airport.

If we were ever propitious adequate to transport by a Cherry Capital Airport in Traverse City, Michigan, we competence have been means to locate a glance of this dear pup. But if not, chances are we competence have been one of a million-plus supporters gripping tabs on a pooch opposite his amicable media accounts. Piper began his on-the-job training during a airfield behind in 2015 with his partner Brian Edwards by his side for all 3 years of service.

This pooch’s pursuit was to make certain wildlife was chased off of a runways to keep passengers and animals safe.

The need for a K-9 position was so apocalyptic during this airfield that a Federal Aviation Administration compulsory it have a special Wildlife Hazard Management Plan.

Piper was partial of an constituent team!