Doha Is Done, Saudi Prince Says – No Oil Deal Without Iran

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Doha Is Done, Saudi Prince Says - No Oil Deal Without Iran

Doha Is Done, Saudi Prince Says – No Oil Deal Without Iran

In what appears to be a Doha party-pooping statement, Saudi emissary climax king Mohammed bin Salman settled unquestionably that The Kingdom won’t curb a oil prolongation unless other producers, including Iran, determine to freeze output during a assembly this weekend in Doha. This a vital problem given – if we remember – this week’s melt-up in oil (and so stocks) was predicated on an unknown diplomat cited by Interfax observant a understanding will get finished though Iran (which a Russians refused to confirm). All that wish dejected by a existence that has been painfully apparent that no side will be given in a Iran-Saudi tete-a-tete… and now, as Citi warned “expect a pointy sell-off.”

As Bloomberg reports, a world’s biggest wanton oil exporter would top a marketplace share during about 10.3 million to 10.4 million barrels a day, if producers determine to a freeze, Prince Mohammed bin Salman pronounced during an talk on Thursday during King Salman’s private plantation in Diriyah, a strange home of a Al Saud stately family.

“If all vital producers don’t solidify production, we will not solidify production,” pronounced Prince Mohammed, 30, who has emerged as Saudi Arabia’s heading mercantile force.

Adding – rather pointedly that…

“If we don’t freeze, afterwards we will sell during any event we get.”

“If prices went adult to $60 or $70, that would be a clever cause to pull brazen a circle of development,” Prince Mohammed said. “But this conflict is not my battle. It’s a conflict of others who are pang from low oil prices.”

Prince Mohammed also pronounced that Saudi Arabia isn’t endangered given “we have a possess programs that don’t need high oil prices.”

Simply put, “no deal,” given Iran is promulgation a youth apportion in a transparent summary that it will do nothing.

It seems some-more than a few people “knew” zero would come of this and that a epic squeeze-fest early this week was all false…


As Citi warned earlier,

If there is no agreement, afterwards design a pointy oil marketplace sell-off on Monday. If there is an agreement in name though marketplace participants comprehend it has no teeth, solely a slower sell-off. Main oil-producing countries, though generally Russia, have been stirring a marketplace given late 2015 with talks of a intensity agreement and a marketplace has responded frequently, formulating periodic stew to prices, usually to see prices come off when no agreement has been forthcoming.

Money manager net (and gross) length is around record highs on ICE Brent, giving some range for position murder following any ‘disappointing’ headlines and adding to downside risk.


At this rate we might not even get a “gentlemen’s agreement” over efforts to solidify production… and Sunday night will be a bloodbath!




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