Dollar Weakness supports a Case for Higher Silver Prices – Will The Banks concede it?

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Dollar Weakness supports a Case for Higher Silver Prices - Will The Banks concede it?

Dollar Weakness supports a Case for Higher Silver Prices

Through a initial 3 weeks of 2018, one of a pivotal stories has been a descending US dollar. Expect this trend to continue and even accelerate as we go by a year.

After peaking with a fake dermatitis nearby 104 in early 2017, a US dollar (as totalled by a Dollar Index) has continued to plunge in 2018. As we type, a index is nearby 90 and already down over 2% year-to-date. Dollar debility has traditionally been certain for commodity prices, and a justification of this can be seen below.

First, check a transparent and apparent tip in a Dollar Index. Note a relapse by 92, and a many new dump by a 2017 lows nearby 91.

In a greeting to this, note a transparent bottoms and breakouts in a dual many critical tellurian commodities, copper and wanton oil:

You can also see this early-stage commodity convene in a broad-based CRB Index. Note a new hazard to pierce above a 200 turn for a initial time given mid-2015:

So far, scarcely a usually “commodity” unblushing by a descending dollar is silver. This is no surprise, as a china “market” is simply a many manipulated in a world. As we can see below, in this draft from Nick Laird during GoldChartsRUs, a monopolistic thoroughness of positions hold by a tiny handful of Bullion Banks stands in sheer contrariety to other markets such as wanton and copper:

But this collusive strategy does not meant china can never convene in price. Recall a cost movement of 2010-2011 and cruise a possibilities for 2018, as a dollar continues to tumble and tellurian seductiveness in a zone gradually returns. Could china be on a verge of violation out and personification “catch up” with crude, copper and a rest?

The many new CoT structure suggests there’s positively some room to run before The Banks would try to hindrance a advance. Note that a stream structure is nowhere nearby a bearish extremes seen during a cost tops of 2016 and 2017:

Date: 1/16/18 Price: $17.19 LS NET LONG: 37,200 COMM NET SHORT: 50,100

At a cost rise of Apr 2017:

Date: 4/11/17 Price $18.50 LS NET LONG: 105,500 COMM NET SHORT: 114,400

And during a cost rise of Aug 2016:

Date: 8/2/16 Price $20.50 LS NET LONG: 93,400 COMM NET SHORT: 109,100

So maybe we are on a verge of a decent convene in china that could take a cost 30% aloft and up, toward a dermatitis turn of $22. The dollar debility suggests it. Other line advise it. The CoT structure suggests it. But will The Banks concede it?

Only time will tell, we suppose. But a ongoing trend of US dollar debility positively supports a idea of aloft china prices in 2018.  – Craig Hemke

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