Donald Trump Continues Showdown on Social Media

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Apparently, U.S. President Donald Trump does not seem to be subsidy down anytime soon. He is withdrawal no mill unturned as he heads behind to continue his showdown with amicable media and mainstream news.

On Jul 2, 2017, he strong his self-declared fight with a mass media, tweeting a mutated video that depicts him physically criticizing CNN. A veteran wrestling clip, that is usually 28 seconds long, shows Trump grabbing and ceaselessly attack a man. The comical partial is that a victim’s conduct is replaced by an overlaid CNN symbol. Are they perplexing to contend Trump is a bully?

King of Social Media

He will not take credit for being a tyrant. In his mind, he is justified. However, he has dubbed himself a King of Twitter. Moments after a shave posted, Trump headed true to amicable media and uttered his disdain, job them “Fraud News CNN.” However, he was only removing started. A week before, Trump raged fight on CBS, NBC, and ABC. He did not stop there. The New York Times and Washington Post were not spared either. Both were called “Fake News!”

If that was not enough,  he after cursed “Morning Joe” co-hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough in an descent twitter claiming that “low I.Q. Foolish Mika” seemed during Mar-a-Lago, New Year’s Eve “bleeding badly from a face-lift.” Countless Republicans got together with a Democratic Party to uncover their contempt. Before a day was over, both sides were quickly rebuking Trump for his MSNBC comments.

However, this still did not stop amicable media experts from final that Trump, with his 6.92 million Twitter supporters, a hero of a amicable media confrontation.

Trump Twitter Wars

Even yet Twitter wars existed prolonged before Trump became president, it is clear he has taken a amicable media height to a new level. Twitter was originated not some-more than 10 years ago. Nowadays, there are a projected 320 million active users.

According to amicable media experts, Twitter offers one of a many low-cost, unmediated, and carefully-focused methods of communication in a story of any run for election. It is also a fighting compare for celebrities. Who could forget a Lady Gaga and Perez Hilton behind and onward feud? Or, a Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift fight right there before millions of viewers? Do not forget a distracted fight among Kanye West and Jimmy Kimmel on amicable media that finished with West being invited to Kimmel’s uncover to bury a hatchet.

None of those feuds come even tighten to President Trump’s power of apprehension on Twitter. In fact, given Jun 28, he has been going on a personal rampage, opposed each news opening he could find.

Trump Taking No Prisoners

He competence not be holding any prisoners on amicable media, though nothing of his opponents seem to be subsidy down either. “Morning Joe” hosts Scarborough and Brzezinski dismissed back, on Jun 29 and settled a boss is a outrageous liar. They went on to contend that he was spooky with their program. Furthermore, they voiced that he is not psychologically fit for health or a nation.

Brzezinski done a indicate that she was disturbed about how Trump deals with women, generally those that conflict him. The co-host mentioned she mocked a Post story in regards to a tawdry Time repository cover, featuring a president’s face, unresolved during his golf clubs. She believes this caused a newest Twitter war. Some experts consider that Trump’s tweets resuscitated alarms concerning his opinions of women, in a republic where honour is already in brief supply. Some disagree that he competence be fighting for any support he can find for his suggestions on health care, immigration, and other disputable matters.

At a finish of a day, it does seem as if a boss will stop tweeting anytime soon. With that said, Trump’s continual showdown on amicable media will not be entrance to an end.

Opinion News by Jomo Merritt
Edited by Jeanette Smith


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