Donald Trump Sees in Marco Rubio a New Rival to Taunt, though Gets Plenty of Salvos in Return

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Donald J. Trump during his discuss on Friday during a Family Research Council’s Values Voter Summit in Washington. Mr. Trump has increasingly destined his attacks during Senator Marco Rubio.

Jose Luis Magana/Associated Press

WASHINGTON — After training his glow for most of a summer on former Gov. Jeb Bush, Donald J. Trump has found a new favorite Republican opposition to taunt: Senator Marco Rubio of Florida.

But Mr. Rubio is proof means of giving it back. And Mr. Trump also detected on Friday that some conservatives do not respond as pleasantly when a insults are destined toward Mr. Rubio, who is not noticed with a arrange of guess that Mr. Bush engenders among tough activists.

“You have this clown, Marco Rubio,” Mr. Trump began, in a discuss to a Family Research Council’s Values Voter Summit here. “And I’ve been so good to him.”

Before he could go further, though, a assembly of amicable conservatives let out a cascade of boos.

Mr. Trump had brought a Bible with him on stage, yet he is not a healthy fit for transformation conservatives, quite a born-again Christians who are concerned in politics customarily since of their faith and attend conferences such as this.

He fast incited to a safer line of attack, recalling that Mr. Rubio had been a personality in a pull to yield a pathway to citizenship for bootleg immigrants before he deserted that legislative effort. “If we trust in something, we have to be loyal to yourself,” pronounced Mr. Trump, job Mr. Rubio “really diseased on immigration.”

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He added: “All of a sudden, he went down in a polls and he starts changing his tone.”

Mr. Rubio, perplexing out one of Mr. Trump’s favorite strategy by derisive him with pretentious pity, shot behind after in a day that Mr. Trump “had a tough week.”

“I consider one of a statements he done was in front of an dull room in South Carolina,” Mr. Rubio pronounced on Fox News. “He had a unequivocally bad debate. Carly Fiorina unequivocally broke him.”

The back-and-forth was a latest vigilance of Mr. Rubio’s flourishing inflection in a Republican race.

Overshadowed for most of a year, Mr. Rubio has begun to in. adult in a polls after a span of plain discuss performances. And after months of avoiding a ravel with Mr. Trump, Mr. Rubio waded into it progressing this month, observant his inability to answer questions on inhabitant confidence was “very concerning.”

“If we don’t know a answer to these questions, afterwards we are not going to be means to offer as commander and chief,” he pronounced on CNN, referring to a radio speak in that Mr. Trump was incompetent to speak with most specificity about unfamiliar process matters.

That critique stirred a call of insults from Mr. Trump, who appears to have possibly sleepy of derisive Mr. Bush or dynamic that he no longer poses him a biggest hazard among a primary contenders.

Speaking in North Charleston, S.C., on Wednesday — in a room that, as Mr. Rubio remarkable later, had scores of dull seats — Mr. Trump, 69, belittled Mr. Rubio, 44, for using adult personal credit label debt.

“He’s got no money,” pronounced Mr. Trump, who calls himself a billionaire 10 times over, “zero.”

He also announced that he had a higher conduct of hair and ridiculed Mr. Rubio for heavily perspiring during a Republican discuss on Sept. 16.

The subsequent day, Mr. Rubio responded by enchanting in a bit of pledge psychology on a renouned Kentucky sports speak radio show.

“He had a unequivocally bad discuss opening final week,” Mr. Rubio said. “He’s not good sensitive on a issues. He unequivocally never talks about issues and can’t have some-more than a 10-second sound punch on any pivotal issue. we consider he’s kind of been unprotected a small bit over a final 7 days and he’s a huffy and uncertain guy. So that’s how he reacts and people can see by it.”

Such talk, that Mr. Rubio continued in an speak on Fox News, set a theatre for Mr. Trump’s trash-talking of Mr. Rubio during a Values Voter Summit on Friday morning.

Beforehand, though, word of House Speaker John A. Boehner’s sudden abdication reached Mr. Trump as he done his approach down a hotel staircase. But he showed surprisingly small seductiveness in what was a domestic bombshell.

“Well it’s a large preference that he made, it’s a good decision,” Mr. Trump said. “I consider so. we consider it’s good for everybody. we consider it’s time, he’s been there a prolonged time. But we consider it’s time.” (After offer questions, Mr. Trump grasped for an shun hatch: “What do we think?” he asked his interviewer. “You tell me.”)

Approaching a ballroom where he would give his speech, Mr. Trump was swarmed by reporters who also wanted to ask him about Mr. Boehner. He steady his answer — “It’s time” — and kept walking.

But afterwards a contributor asked him about Mr. Rubio. Mr. Trump stopped and incited to a cameras.

“He doesn’t uncover adult to opinion for one thing,” pronounced Mr. Trump, uncorking his now-familiar conflict on Mr. Rubio’s record of absenteeism from Senate votes.

Asked if he suspicion Mr. Rubio was a “threat,” Mr. Trump pronounced he did not.

“I consider he’s a baby,” he said.