Don’t disaster with Rishi Kapoor: KRK’s tweets blocked from Twitter for tainted language

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Social media is a sleazy slope. You can never be certain of what is humorous and what could be construed as offensive. However, we can all determine on one thing. Everybody loves to hatred Kamaal R Khan’s participation on Twitter, and his latest debate involves nothing other than Rishi Kapoor.

It all began with a satire comment of KRK replying to a chatter by Shah Rukh Khan.

This is when Rishi Kapoor motionless to meddle with his dual cents about everybody’s favorite KRK:

His chatter lead to a array of inapt tweets by KRK (they were after deleted):


screen shots of a tweets.

It doesn’t stop here:

krk 2krk 2

Rishi Kapoor afterwards reported these tweets and KRK was forced to undo them:

You messed with a wrong Kapoor, KRK.