Don’t wish to speak about how unsatisfactory it is for me: Serena Williams

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The US Open was ostensible to be a accession for Serena Williams. It incited out to be a manoeuvre instead, with unseeded Roberta Vinci intolerable a World No. 1 in 3 sets in a semi-finals. Serena’s detriment put paid to her query to finish a Calendar Grand Slam and equal Steffi Graf’s open-era record of 22 Grand Slams.

Serena waves goodbye to a throng after losing in a semi-finals of a US Open. GettySerena waves goodbye to a throng after losing in a semi-finals of a US Open. Getty

Serena waves goodbye to a throng after losing in a semi-finals of a US Open. Getty

The full content of Serena’s post-match press discussion is below:

Q. How unhappy are you?

SERENA WILLIAMS: we don’t wish to speak about how unsatisfactory it is for me. If we have any other questions, I’m open for that.

Q. How good did she play today?

SERENA WILLIAMS: we suspicion she played a best tennis in her career. You know, she’s 33 and, we know, she’s going for it during a late age. So that’s good for her to keep going for it and personification so well. Actually, we theory it’s inspiring. But, yeah, we consider she played literally out of her mind.

Q. What wasn’t operative from your side?

SERENA WILLIAMS: we don’t consider we played that bad. we done some-more spontaneous errors than we routinely would make, though we consider she only played unequivocally well. She did not wish to remove today. Neither did I, incidentally. But she unequivocally didn’t either.

Q. You have been so skilful during pulling yourself out of unsafe positions via this run. Was there any impulse where we said, we know we can do this? Was there a impulse where we said, Maybe we can’t?


Q. A lot of vigour for you…

SERENA WILLIAMS: No. we told we guys we don’t feel pressure. we never felt pressure. we don’t know. we never felt that vigour to win here. we pronounced that from a beginning.

Q. You felt tight, though; is that fair?

SERENA WILLIAMS: we mean, we done a integrate of parsimonious shots, to be honest, though maybe only about two. But that, we think, is only for me in any normal compare we make dual parsimonious shots. Other than that, we don’t consider we was that tight.

Q. Do we consider there is a (photographer interference) of her diversion that done her opposite than your other opponents so distant in a Open?

SERENA WILLIAMS: No. we have played everybody that came to a net this tournament. She had a integrate of slice; everybody we played had slice. So, no.

Q. How did we feel going into a third set? We have had so many three-set victories during this run. Did we still feel we were going to win a compare going into a third or did we feel really different?


Q. Third set looked like we were perplexing to glow yourself adult so most and ease yourself down. Were we perplexing to find a balance of where it worked for we as distant as…

SERENA WILLIAMS: No, we was only perplexing to win points during that compare and win a match. Last questions?

Q. How do we get over all — what’s a pivotal to only forget about it?

SERENA WILLIAMS: Anyone else wish to ask a opposite doubt than that?

Q. You pronounced before to a contest we took so most complacency from a fact we did your second Serena slam.


Q. Let’s concentration on a positives. Is that where your conduct is during right now?

SERENA WILLIAMS: Well, appreciate you. Like we said, we felt really happy to get that win during Wimbledon, we know. we did win 3 Grand Slams this year. Yeah, we won 4 in a row. It’s flattering good. Yeah, so it’s really a positive. Thank you.

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