Double Bottom Formation Indicates the Time to Buy Silver for a Sizeable Rally

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June is silver’s misfortune month of a year by far, on a anniversary basis, and a cost forsaken significantly this June. However, we are now good into July, and Jul is seasonally silver’s 2nd best month of a year, and as a month got off to a bad start, it is reasonable to design things to demeanour up, generally as china put in what looks like a high-volume Reversal Day on Friday, when it pennyless down next support though afterwards got behind above it after in a day.

We can see silver’s dive into what looks like a capitulative high volume Reversal Day on Friday to advantage on a 6-month chart, and a possibility of a carrying strike bottom is increasing by a fact that there was a full moon during a weekend.

6-month Silver Chart

The origins of a support underpinning a china cost here can be seen on a 20-month chart. It derives from a Dec low that shaped during support above a trade operation that grown from Feb by Apr final year. We might be saying a Double Bottom form with that low.

20-Month Silver chart

Like gold, silver’s long-term 8-year draft appears to uncover a vast Head-and-Shoulders bottom completing, that is downsloping in silver’s box given china traditionally underperforms bullion towards a finish of bear markets (and early in longhorn markets). With a cost nearby to a Right Shoulder low after a new drop, we could be during an best time to buy a zone here from a cost / time perspective.

8-Year Silver Chart

Finally, silver’s COTs (Commitment of Traders Report) are looking a best they have given early 2016. The Large Specs have finally given adult on china in new weeks and their positions have shrunk usually and rather dramatically. While they could cringe even some-more to nearby zero, as they did late in 2015, this is suspicion to be doubtful given readings in late 2015 noted a final low bear marketplace lows for a zone when view was in a basement, that was followed by a outrageous convene in PM bonds that looks like a initial incentive call of a new longhorn market. It is therefore deliberate doubtful that silver’s COT readings will palliate most more, if during all. We are, therefore, suspicion to be possibly during or tighten to an critical middle bottom here, a time to buy china and a improved china bonds for a sizeable convene that should follow.

Silver COT Report