Double Buns Make A Splash- Would You Try This Hairstyle?

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Photo: caradelevingne on Instagram 

Although a quirky trend of double buns might have reigned autarchic in a 1990s heyday of a Spice Girls, this individualist nonetheless ideally witty braid is behind for 2016. This time around, celebrities and beauty gurus comparison are embracing a trend with a renewed, rested take on a look.

Double buns are now styled with highlighted blonde locks, with issuing thatch and textured strands bringing an refurbish to this reversion hairdo.

Among a Hollywood set, twin buns have positively left an sense on Cara Delevingne. The 24-year-old Suicide Squad star looks surprisingly childish and stylish with her thatch styled into dual high buns. Meanwhile, lax tendrils of gold hair support possibly side of her visage.


Photo: haileybaldwin on Instagram 

Another luminary fan of this hair trend is blonde bombshell Hailey Baldwin, who has also showcased a trend on her Instagram. The 19-year-old indication recently dumbfounded with her prolonged golden tresses ragged in dual firmly pulled behind buns. The twin topknots highlighted her bony and superb features, that left a concentration on her pouty lips and tangible eyes.


Photo: capitalhair on Instagram 

Meanwhile, bland beauties have also been incorporating a trend into their hair routines. From half-up buns to pairing a trend with boho stylish makeup, twin buns are a truly versatile look. While we wouldn’t suggest this braid for a immature veteran perplexing to be taken severely or anyone who works in a corporate world, it’s positively an darling demeanour for a weekend!


Photo: behuetiful on Instagram