Double-sided 111-inch 4K OLED TV

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LG made 111 inches big a double sided 4k OLED TV. The massive, unique display is being shown off at IFA Berlin this week. LG achieved the 111-inch size by combining three 65-inch OLED panels while keeping the display just a handful of millimeters thick allowing viewers to watch both sides of the TV simultaneously.


“OLED TVs are capable of delivering a clearer, crisper and cheaper display compared to anything else that is available in the market today” – said Dr. Ching W. Tang, a professor at the Hong Kong University, also known as The Father of OLED technology.

The wallpaper TV has a flexible display that is attached to the wall using a magnetic backing. It is only 1mm thick. The company also made a smaller double-sided version that measures at only 55-inches.

Source: Techtimes, Geek, tweaktown