Dow Jones vs Silver: Trading Volume Says It All

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Dow Jones vs Silver: Trading Volume Says It All

Dow Jones vs Silver: Trading Volume Says It All

If we review a Dow Jones Index to Silver, we can mark a discouraging trend.  Normally when a batch cost or index increases, so does a trade volume.  This was loyal for a Dow Jones Index from 2002-2009.  If we demeanour during a draft below, we can see a normal market… augmenting batch value and successive trade activity:

As a Dow Jones Index augmenting from a low of 7,500 in 2002 to over 14,000 in 2007, a trade volume doubled.  However, if we demeanour during a subsequent chart, we see a discouraging sign.  As a Dow Jones Index augmenting from 8,000 in early 2009 to over 18,000 in 2015, a trade volume is now 2+ times lower:

This is not a new judgment as many analysts have been indicating this out over a past several years.  However a law remains, a Dow Jones Index is being propped adult by disappearing series of marketplace participants.  So, who has a precedence to column adult a marketplace with reduction altogether volume?  Well, of march a a Fed and U.S. Treasury.

On a other hand, if we demeanour during a Silver draft we see a most opposite picture:

Trading volume for china continues to boost from a low in 2009…. even during a reduce price.  Part of a reason here has to do with new exchanges opening adult and fasten a SILVER TRADING BANDWAGON.  Regardless, trade volume for china has been augmenting in a solid conform given 2002:

Even yet china enjoyed a outrageous cost spike and improvement (2010-2013), a altogether trend is still higher… so is a trade volume.  Thus, a Silver Chart shows a healthy multiple of augmenting cost and trade volume.   However, a Dow Jones Index has a BEST WORST trade volume activity in a draft below:

As a markets continue to turn some-more manipulated and fraudulent any flitting day, during some indicate marketplace fundamentals will matter.  Once this occurs, that marketplace would we rather be in??  The Dow Jones Index, or Silver?




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