Down Syndrome: Vaccine Shows Promise Against Cognitive Decline

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Developed by Switzerland-based AC Immune, a vaccine has shown alleviation in function and memory enhancements in rodent indication of Down syndrome.

SupraAntigen – graphical picture illustrating a vaccine ACI-24. Image credit: AC Immune

SupraAntigen – graphical picture illustrating a vaccine ACI-24. Image credit: AC Immune

An anti-Abeta-Amyloid vaccine has shown efficiency in treating cognitive deficits in an determined rodent indication of Down syndrome. Tests conducted to magnitude a impact of this vaccine (ACI-24) uncover that there was a transparent defence response, neuroprotection, alleviation in function and memory encouragement in mice administered with ACI-24 compared to those in a control group. The commentary of a investigate were recently published in a Mar emanate of PLOS ONE journal.

Down syndrome (DS) is a genetic condition that affects one in about 700 newborns. In serve to cognitive dysfunction from childhood onwards, people with Down syndrome are rarely approaching to rise Alzheimer’s disease-like characteristics. Developed by Switzerland-based association AC Immune, a vaccine potentially signals a approach to provide cognitive deficits in people with Down syndrome.

Excited during a prospects of anti-Abeta vaccine (ACI-24), AC Immune has announced a start of studious recruitments for a initial clinical hearing for this vaccine targeting Alzheimer’s disease-like characteristics in those with Down syndrome. Being conducted in partnership with a University of California San Diego (UC San Diego) Down Syndrome Research and Treatment Center, a proviso 1b hearing is approaching to embody 24 adults with Down syndrome with a 12-month diagnosis generation followed by a 12-month follow-up.

While this comes a good news for relatives of kids with Down syndrome, who are racing opposite time to find a treatment, a initial questions to run by their minds are: Which age-group of people with Down syndrome mount to advantage from this vaccine? How prolonged will it take for this vaccine to be accessible for use?

“The hearing will be conducted in people aged 35-45 years old. If all goes as planned, afterwards top-line formula from this clinical investigate will be accessible in 2018. Depending on a results, serve clinical growth is indispensable (phase 2 and 3 studies), a generation of that depends on many factors. It is therefore beforehand to assume about an tangible time of marketplace entrance of a vaccine,” informs Prof. Andrea Pfeifer, CEO of AC Immune.

Emphasizing a stress of a investigate paper, Prof. Pfeifer says: “This pioneering announcement shows enlivening information on mind Abeta rebate and memory encouragement of a anti-Abeta vaccine in a pre-clinical indication for Down syndrome. This investigate is a systematic basement for a first-ever clinical hearing of an anti-Abeta vaccine in Down syndrome.”

Dr Andreas Muhs, arch systematic officer of AC Immune and analogous author of a paper, explains how a vaccine works: “Our anti-Abeta vaccine is a liposomal healing vaccine that was detected from a SupraAntigen record platform. The vaccine stimulates a defence complement to furnish a non-inflammatory antibody response rarely specific to misfolded Abeta.”

Dr William Mobley, executive executive of a UC San Diego Down Syndrome Research and Treatment Center, and co-author of a paper, comments, “We see this work as both groundbreaking and as a subsequent step in contrast a thought that it will be probable to provide and eventually forestall Alzheimer’s illness in people with Down syndrome. The commentary from a announcement advise vaccination is a good plan to fight a effects of a towering Abeta turn in adults with Down syndrome.”

Written by Uma Gupta, Contributing Author for Technology.Org