Drake Changes Lyrics To Madonna Tribute Song To Honour Rihanna

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We’re not certain how most there is to be review into this, though Sunday night during the opening night of his Jungle Tour in Houston, Toronto rapper Drake motionless to change a lyrics of his strain Madonna, to embody Rihanna instead of a Material Girl.

First came a strain behind in February, afterwards Drake’s famous greeting when Madonna seemed on theatre with him during Coachella and done out with him, and afterwards during a start of May Madonna reacted to a lick on Live with Romeo’s Saturday Night Online. In a talk Madonna referenced Katy Perry’s strike strain we Kissed a Girl when asked about kissing Drake, and after on she pronounced she would have told her younger self “Don’t lick Drake, no matter how many times he begs we to.”

Perhaps Sunday night’s changing of a lyrics by Drake was in plea to Madonna’s comments? Of march a verse change could only be to honour his frequent co-operator and ex-girlfriend Rihanna. The throng certain seemed to like a change. We’re not certain if this change is permanent, though if it isn’t, Drake competence have to recover this movement of a strain for his fans. Take a listen next for a altered track.

Photo: Brennan Schnell on Wikipedia