Driving Is Hard. These 15 Driver’s Ed Fails Will Make You Feel Better About Yourself

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For teenagers and even some adults, one of a many formidable and critical tests they’ll take is a one for their driver’s license.

Sure, a exam ends adult being a zephyr for some people, though as evidenced by a many automobile accidents that occur flattering most everywhere on a daily basis, others aren’t utterly means to grasp a elementary manners of a highway — like a terrible drivers below.

Just wish we don’t live in a same areas as these 15 people, since their finish miss of pushing skills creates them severely dangerous behind a wheel. Student drivers, we see you.

1. The chairman behind this nonsense was a pushing INSTRUCTOR, for God’s sake.

2. Don’t spin left until you’re certain you’re gonna get t-boned.


3. This motorist left utterly an sense on a DMV building.

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