Drone offers new possibilities for meridian proofing of watercourses

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DTU will be streamer a new project, where drones and new technological measuring methods will make a monitoring of Danish watercourses some-more minute and precise, something that is increasingly in demand. The stream meridian change means, for example, that updated believe about a ability of a watercourses is compulsory to be means to consider either they can offer as drains in tie with cloudbursts, or either there is a risk of flooding.

Today, watercourses are monitored regulating primer measurements, so a probability of being means to perform improved measurements in destiny regulating drones will also outcome in substantial cost reductions.

The worker will be versed with special sensors and instruments, both cameras and high-tech radar and sonar instruments. Together, they can yield measurements of both H2O depth, vegetation, H2O flow, and H2O turn in a particular watercourses.

Highly minute and accurate data
“Thanks to a new multiple of sensors, a measurements will yield authorities and environmental advisers with distant some-more minute and accurate information than has formerly been possible. We will be means to magnitude H2O levels with a pointing of 3-5 cm, and to yield high-resolution maps indicating foliage and H2O weeds in and nearby a watercourse. This allows a municipalities to consider when and—in particular—where trough upkeep involvement is required, and how to meddle in terms of meridian proofing,” says Professor Peter Bauer-Gottwein, DTU Environment, who is streamer adult a new project.

In this project, DTU Space will serve rise existent payloads from a antecedent theatre to marketplace products.

Improved decision-making basement for authorities
In light of a plan idea of being means to offer a authorities a improved and some-more scold decision-making basis, it has been healthy to also embody regions and municipalities in a 3 regions of Denmark, where a initial worker measurements will be performed: a Vejle Å stream and a Grindsted Å stream in Jutland as good as a Mølleåen stream in a Greater Copenhagen area.

“As destiny end-users, it’s really applicable for us to combine with both researchers and business on elucidate a hurdles that arise during a project. This is a best approach of ensuring that a finish outcome will be blending to a existence and a needs. In a regions, for example, we need to keep an eye on either infested sites poise a hazard to a H2O peculiarity of watercourses, that places special final on a trough monitoring data,” says Nina Tuxen, Chief Consultant, Capital Region of Denmark.

Source: DTU

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