Earthquake Magnitude 5.3 Papua New Guinea

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At 19:53 UTC, Lorengau, Papua New Guinea was jarred by a 5.3 bulk trembler with a abyss of 24.22 km. This shock came 4 hours after Kokopo, Papua New Guinea gifted a bulk 5.4 upheaval with a abyss of 22 km. There have not been any damage reports during this time.

Papua New Guinea sits on a Australia-Pacific plate, that is 4000 km prolonged and runs along a north side margin. The image travels from a Sunda Trench to a Solomon Islands. The Australian image meets a Pacific image during 95 mm a year.

The trench’s seismic activity comes from subduction tectonics, therefore, earthquakes are common. There have been 13 earthquakes with a 7.5 bulk or aloft given 1900 and 3 bulk 8.1 megathrust events due to this subduction section over a past century. Furthermore, there is a jeopardy map for this area, due to a poignant volume of seismic activity.

How a shock impacts a belligerent varies. Hazard maps uncover a luck of seismic activity, formed on practice over a past 50 years and how mostly tremors have been felt, as good as a properties of a belligerent that a tremors’ waves have to transport through. The maps also uncover areas that have poignant sized earthquakes.

By Jeanette Smith

Earthquakes, USGS: M5.4-121 km SSW of Kokopo, New Guinea
Earthquakes, USGS: Earthquake Hazards 101-The Basics

Featured Image and Top Image Courtesy of Taro Taylor’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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