Earthquakes Worldwide Seem Like Armageddon

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Earthquakes are rattling a universe over like Armageddon. Between a hours of 12:06 and 23:59  today, there have been over 90 earthquakes around a world, one after another. Magnitudes have ranged from a 2.9 to a 5.8. Their inlet ranged from 0 to 362.

These earthquakes are being felt and documented during a fast rate. There have been quakes in a United States, South America, Nepal, Papua New Guinea, a Mid-Indian Ridge, Indonesia, Japan, a Mariana Islands, Carlsberg Ridge, Puerto Rico, Greece, a Kermadec Islands, a Banda Sea, and a Cyprus region, Taumarunui, a Middle East and Portugal.

People have commented that they have felt a quakes though there has been no repairs or injuries reported. There have also been statements that people have felt a earthquakes some-more mostly than usual. It seems to be apropos a unchanging experience. Some have pronounced it is a second one in 6 months and others have said, it is a second one in dual days. They only keep coming.

By Jeanette Smith

Source: Earthquake Report: Earthquakes in a World on May 182015 (M2.9)
Photo pleasantness of Christopher Holden’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License