Effects of maternal age on a countenance of mesenchymal branch dungeon markers in a components of tellurian umbilical cord

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Although a tellurian umbilical cord (UC) has been formerly deliberate a medical waste, a use as a categorical source of fetal stemcells for regenerative medicine applications has increasing over a past few years. The aim of a investigate was to consider a impact of a maternal age on a countenance of mesenchymal branch cells (MSC) markers CD105 and CD29 in a opposite areas of tellurian UC.


In this analogous cranky sectional study, one hundred tenure UCs from 5 maternal age groups (20-45 years) were collected after smoothness from healthy mothers and were processed to consider both immuno- and gene countenance of CD105 and CD29 aspect antigen markers regulating immunohistochemical and RT-PCR techniques.


The immunoexpression of CD105 and CD29 in a amniotic surface (AM) and Wharton ̛s preserve (WJ), a umbilical artery (UA) and a umbilical capillary (UV) showed poignant disastrous association with a maternal age (p 0.001). Reduced volume of cells as good as a complicated MSC markers and their gene countenance levels were documented in comparison age mothers. CD105-positive MSCs were some-more abounding in a UA, since CD29-positive MSCs were some-more abounding in a AM and WJ.


The decreased countenance of CD105 and CD29 MSCs markers with age suggests that resourceful siege of MSCs from Wharton ̛s jelly, umbilical artery or umbilical capillary of younger mothers should be recommended.

Source: PubMed