EgyptAir Caught Fire Before Crashing Says Investigation

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BBC News reported on Saturday, Jul 16, 2016, about a new turn that took place in a persisting review per EgyptAir moody MS804, that crashed in a Mediterranean Sea en track to Cairo from Paris on May 19, murdering all 66 passengers onboard. The cabinet in assign of a review seems to have achieved a breakthrough in a case.

The inquisitive group claims to have recovered an audio recording done in a cockpit on that fatal day. The performed audio shave points toward a probable glow that pennyless out due to different reasons, as clear from the mention of fume entrance out of a cabin, that had set off a fume detectors in both a toilet and a avionics area located only next a cockpit. When advanced with a tangible prohibited aeroplane wreckage, progressing performed as physical evidence, that also highlighted traces of soot on a jet’s front section. The new find appears to be true.

However, a investigators still say there is a odds of other manly reasons behind a crash, including an act of terrorism. Additionally, a logic behind a miss of a trouble call from a aircraft, before disaster struck, is still being investigated.

Guardian Liberty Voice will continue to yield any updates when they turn available, as a review unfolds and new developments are announced.

Written by Bashar Saajid
Edited by Jeanette Smith


BBC News: EgyptAir Crash: On-board recording discusses fire

Image Courtesy of byangel’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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