Ek se bhale do? Chhota Rajan to transport with lookalike to ‘confuse probable attackers’

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Following 27 years of being on a lam, Chhota Rajan — or Rajendra Sadashiv Nikalje, if we cite — was brought behind to India early on Friday morning, and whisked true to a CBI headquarters.

In expectation of a large media participation during a airport, a CBI used a fake automobile to sentinel them off. However, it isn’t this sold fake that’s lifting eyebrows. Instead, it’s a tellurian fake procured by Indian intelligences agencies to keep Rajan safe.

Chhota Rajan... and Chhota Rajan. PTIChhota Rajan... and Chhota Rajan. PTI

Chhota Rajan… and Chhota Rajan. PTI

The Times of India reports that Indian comprehension agencies have spent a past 3 days acid high and low for a doppelganger to shade Rajan, and ‘confuse probable attackers’. The lookalike — who shall penance be called Doosra Rajan — was reportedly during work from 6 am on Friday, forward of Rajan’s attainment during a Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi.

Doosra Rajan’s pursuit outline includes concomitant a strange Rajan wherever he is taken from his apprehension centre, either to justice or hospital. But, either or not a humshakal will accompany Rajan if he is taken for a mark of sight-seeing — given his romantic lapse to a nation that he left scarcely 3 decades ago — can't be confirmed.

What is famous is that both Rajans will be taken around wearing identical masks, in identical vehicles, with a identical confidence fact — a news refers to between 25 and 30 commandoes and cops wielding attack rifles, MP5 sub-machine guns and Glock pistols.

And that’s not all.

Should Rajan need a medical check-up or an extended stay in sanatorium on comment of his reportedly worsening kidney troubles, a news adds that he will be treated by ‘special and verified’ teams of medical staff. Meanwhile, Doosra Rajan will be put adult in a opposite room with an ‘identical set-up’.

According to sources quoted by The Times of India, a need for Doosra Rajan’s deployment isn’t usually a hazard from gangsters in a occupy of one-time associates Dawood Ibrahim and Chhota Shakeel. In fact, it appears some ‘politically-connected’ people and a handful of ‘law-enforcement personnel’ could also poise a risk to Rajan’s safety.

Which could explain because Rajan is being kept divided from Mumbai — a city in that he is purported to have committed a lion’s share of his crimes. This has naturally not left down good with a Mumbai Police. A city crime bend central certified that this pierce had “demoralised a whole force… (which) was ranked subsequent usually to a Scotland Yard police”.

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