Election Day Ramblings From Long Time Poll Workers

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Rest assured, choosing day ramblings are zero new, generally from longtime check workers. Many people competence consternation what check workers are meditative or even forgetful about while estimate countless voters’ ballots around a day. It does not matter possibly a voter is a Democrat, Republican, or non-party affiliation. Some of these thoughts competence be surprising or even astonishing while others will be utterly commonplace. Nonetheless, these ramblings should be explored and addressed. As such, here are some choosing day ramblings from longtime check workers.

  1. ElectionVoters Should Have Their Voting Card or ID Ready—It is critical to note that ID is not compulsory in many states, namely New York, in sequence to vote. However, instead of carrying to spell out or publicly announce their name and/or residence for corroboration purposes, it is quicker and some-more fit to simply have ID on palm for check workers to demeanour adult a voter’s information. This care allows for electorate to sign-in and be allocated their list faster, as good as helps safety a remoteness of a voter’s critical statistics.
  2. Visit a Restrooms Before Getting in Line–Election materials can't leave a designated voting area. Election officials are obliged for any list and all associated materials. Once a list is issued, a voter contingency finish their list and expel it before they can leave a area to revisit a restroom. Therefore, a voter should possibly revisit a lavatory before removing in line or make certain it can wait until after their voting activities are completed.
  3. Voting Ballots Are Not Take-Home Projects–As summarized in series dual above, choosing materials can't leave a designated voting area and check workers are obliged for all election-related materials. Therefore, electorate contingency sign-in to a check book or arrange for a paper confirmation list to be finished during a check site. Voters who are listed in a check book can expel their ballots around a visual indicate voting machine(s) benefaction during a check site. Meanwhile, those electorate who are not listed in a check book can accept confirmation ballots, that are hermetic in specified envelopes and returned to a check workers during a polling site. These paper ballots are not expel on a machine. Instead, they are sent behind to a internal Board of Elections (BOE) for verification. The BOE determines a effect of a list as good as a voter’s eligibility. It is partial of a BOE’s pursuit to establish if an confirmation list can be counted or not during an election. Either way, anyone who casts an confirmation list will accept a notice in a mail detailing a reason(s) since their list was supposed or denied. Moreover, if someone completes an confirmation ballot, they will be purebred or re-registered to vote, according to a information supposing on a confirmation list envelope.
  4. Columns vs. Rows–One choosing day wayward from longtime check workers that never grows aged or goes divided is a difficulty that exists among electorate over columns and rows. When it comes time to symbol a ballot, many electorate seem to forget how to heed between a two. This, in turn, formula in possibly over or under-voting of a ballot. This conditions leads to a voter carrying to ask a new list while their original list is voided by a check workers. Whether it is an choosing day materialisation stays to be seen, though electorate should keep in mind that columns go adult and down while rows go across.
  5. ElectionMarkers Only, Please–When electorate arrive to expel their ballots, a ballots contingency be noted with a supposing markers (aka Sharpies). No pens or pencils should be used on any ballots that are expel on a machines. This is since a excess from a coop ink and pencil graphite will cloud a visual indicate lenses inside a voting machines. This emanate can outcome in time-consuming and costly upkeep requirements.
  6. No More Level Machines–For a electorate who still scrutinise or make off-handed remarks per their enterprise for a rebirth of a old-school turn voting machines, all 50 states are federally mandated to use visual indicate electronic voting machines for elections. There were several reasons for a imperative switch from turn to electronic machines. Some of these reasons enclosed that a tools can no longer be performed for a turn machines and any of those machines could usually repository adult to 999 votes. Moreover, a electronic machines have many safeguards opposite blunder and voter tampering, that a push machines did not possess. Furthermore, any of a electronic voting machines can reason adult to 4,000 votes per election.

This subject binds a special place in a heart and mind of a author, Leigh Haugh, who is a longtime check workman and has witnessed many choosing day ramblings over her 15 years with a BOE. In further to her work as a author and editor during Guardian Liberty Voice, she continues to work with a Board of Elections any choosing deteriorate as a Poll Site Coordinator and Election Inspector. While many people competence consternation what check workers are meditative or even forgetful about while estimate countless voters’ ballots around a day, a categorical suspicion on a worker’s mind is to safeguard a voter’s list is secure and scrupulously cast, regardless of their celebration connection or miss thereof. In short, choosing day ramblings are positively zero new, generally from longtime check workers.

Opinion Written and Edited by Leigh Haugh

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Election Day Ramblings From Long Time Poll Workers combined by Leigh Haugh on Nov 5, 2015
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