Engineering students mangle British Land Speed Record

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A group of students from a University of Liverpool pennyless a tellurian powered British Land Speed Record 3 times while competing opposite an general margin in Battle Mountain, Nevada.


The University of Liverpool Velocipede (ULV) Team designed and built their supine bicycle, ARION1, from blemish and, interjection to sponsorship from Rathbones Investment Management, were means to ride and foe a finished product during a International Human Powered Vehicle Association’s (IHPVA) World Human Powered Speed Challenge 2015 hold in a Nevada desert.

British record

Aiming for a universe record of 83.13mph, set during a same venue by a Dutch group in 2013, a group usually fell brief though were means to transcend a British record of 67.4mph, set by Rob English during Battle Mountain in 2002.

The masculine riders successfully qualified, though womanlike rider, Natasha Morrison was incompetent to strike a speeds compulsory to validate for a categorical event. Mixed continue conditions afterwards forced a abandonment of runs early in a week. But with a object behind out, a ULV Team clocked adult a 69.7mph run by rider, Ken Buckley to take a British Land Speed Record.

On a final day, associate rider, David Collins, a PhD tyro during a University, strike behind with 70.6 MPH usually for that speed to be surfaced by Ken pulling all a approach to a new British Land Speed Record of 75.03mph.

Patrick Harper is a ULV Team Deputy Team Leader, he said: “It was a drum coaster week with highs and lows for a team.

“Damage postulated to a extraneous bombard and steering after a high speed impact meant operative by a night on Thursday and Friday to make it probable for a riders to try violation annals again.


“On a final dusk of a foe week a bicycle was in good condition, a riders were pumped and a continue supposing ideal racing conditions.

“David and Ken were means to strike implausible speeds – a group were ecstatic.

“We would like to appreciate all a sponsors, but their support this outstanding plan would not have been possible. The University of Liverpool now has a dual fastest humans in a UK!”

The foe takes place on a unchanging highway that is sealed for usually 20 mins morning and dusk any day. The riders accelerate over a 5 mile course, before reaching a 200m prosaic territory where a speeds are totalled and recorded. Both David and Ken were presented with commemorative speeding tickets by a Nevada policeman for violation a road’s 70mph speed limit.

Outstanding achievement

Senior Lecturer in a School of Engineering, Dr Tim Short accompanied a group to Nevada. He said: “To mangle a British record 3 times in a initial ever try during this plea is an superb feat for a whole ULV Team.

“The students have worked impossibly hard, with good unrestrained by some really formidable circumstances. Both a School of Engineering and a University of Liverpool are intensely unapproachable of what they’ve been means to accomplish.”

Liverpool firm, Rathbones Investment Management were a team’s principal sponsors.

Rathbones Chief Operating Officer, Andrew Butcher said: “ARION1 is a delight of British education, attention and sport. As investment managers, we find to deposit in destiny record and it is therefore a payoff for us to assistance make probable a team’s success in outstanding a British record.”

Although a ULV Team were incompetent to hold a 2013 universe record on this occasion, it was surfaced by a Canadian group competing during a same event. Todd Reichert and his AeroVelo group achieved a speed of 86.65mph. With a pattern of ARION2 already underway this will be a aim for a ULV Team during subsequent year’s event.

Source: University of Liverpool