Enormous Great Dane Nearly Topples Favorite Human After Not Seeing Her For Two Weeks

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Great Danes aren’t routinely famous for carrying serious subdivision stress though after some-more than dual weeks divided from his favorite human, this pooch couldn’t have been some-more excited.

When Triton’s owners Brenda done a pierce from Texas to Arizona, she done a unwavering bid to transport behind and onward any dual weeks only to see her doggy pal. So when Brenda walked by a doorway for a initial time, Triton was overcome with a inundate of emotions.

The dog can be seen jumping on his rear legs to hail his owners and showering her with doggy kisses.

(via Daily Mail)

If that’s not puppy love, I’m not certain what is. While these dual competence not get to spend as most time with any other as they used to, it’s transparent a adore is still alive and well.