Europe migrant crisis: EU boss calls for crackdown on ‘murderers’ among tellurian traffickers

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Jerusalem: EU boss Donald Tusk on Tuesday urged a crackdown on a “murderers” among tellurian traffickers who have killed scores of people perplexing to strech Europe from conflicts abroad.

“We have to concentration on rescuing people’s lives and… the fight opposite tellurian traffickers and smugglers,” Tusk said ahead of a assembly with Israeli President Reuven Rivlin.

Donald Tusk-File photo. Image courtesy: ReutersDonald Tusk-File photo. Image courtesy: Reuters

Donald Tusk-File photo. Image courtesy: Reuters

“In fact we can speak currently about murderers since they are directly obliged for a genocide of thousands of people. Maybe this is a many critical thing today.”

Tusk combined that “in this thespian predicament we speak also about a wider context. It is about economy, it is about security — not usually a confidence of European borders though also the conditions in some countries in your region.”

The predicament also overwhelmed on “social phenomena like xenophobia, for example,” Tusk said, with a attainment of the migrants and refugees, many of them from war-torn Syria, provoking oppressive reactions in some European nations.

There has been a low multiplication within a EU about how to respond to a crisis, with former Communist-ruled members of the 28-nation bloc, such as Hungary, holding a hardline approach.

European Commission arch Jean-Claude Juncker was expected Wednesday to betray a devise to immigrate 120,000 migrants from
frontline states.

Germany would take some-more than 31,000 migrants, France 24,000 and Spain roughly 15,000, a source told AFP. Separately, British Prime Minister David Cameron pronounced Britain could take 20,000 over 5 years.

Meanwhile, a bad and unfortunate kept coming, both on the land mezzanine by Turkey and a Balkans and on overcrowded boats in a Mediterranean on journeys that have left 2,800 passed or blank this year.