Eve Products Offers Eco-Friendly Cork Accessories Just In Time For Earth Day

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Photo: eveproducts on Instagram 

With currently imprinting Earth Day, eco-conscious fashionistas will be embracing a accumulation of  natural fabrics and materials in sequence to honour a planet. For anyone who is looking for an earth-friendly open accessory, healthy conform line Eve Products Incorporated only competence offer a sartorial solution.

Eve Products was founded in 2015 by Burlington, Ontario-based businessman Paul Oehm, and is famous for formulating vegan handbags done from waterproof and lightweight cork. The cork is sourced and handmade in Portugal, and afterwards used to qualification an array of wristlets, wallets, purses and belts.

All of a line’s products can be simply identified by a little apple pitch positioned only above a “V”. Staying loyal to a company’s moniker, a apple pattern pays reverence to a Garden of Eden.

In a statement, Oehm described a impulse behind Eve’s stylish nonetheless elementary pattern aesthetic.


Photo: eveproducts on Instagram 

“Eve offers perceptive shoppers cultured leather choice concepts that are reduction than a decade aged in a conform world,” he said. “Our business will suffer a approach Eve blends inlet with unsentimental style. It is nature’s approach to accessorize.”

The code also claims that a accessories are as stout as normal fake fabrics, and are also resistant to stains. Whether you’re looking for a elementary neutral purse or a shining red number, it looks like this up-and-coming Canadian appendage line only competence be your subsequent eco-friendly conform fix.

For some-more information on Eve, revisit a company’s website during www.buyeveproducts.com.