Even as homosexuality stays illegal, Doordarshan broadcasts docu on LGBT issues

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Heartening news for a LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) community! Public broadcaster Doordarshan has for a initial time aired a documentary on issues associated to a community, as reported by India Today.

Image courtesy: ddindia.gov.inImage courtesy: ddindia.gov.in

Image courtesy: ddindia.gov.in

According to a report, a film, Purple Skies, draws courtesy to a daily struggles of persons with swap sexuality and seeks to emanate recognition about women who have swap sexuality.

IBNLive has quoted a film’s executive Sridhar Rangayan as observant that he was ‘truly excited’ that a film was being promote on Doordarshan and that a film would be ‘an eye-opener’ on issues relating to a community.

Ironically, this comes even as homosexuality continues effectively to be criminalized following a Supreme Court’s visualisation support a inherent effect of Section 377 of a Indian Penal Code, that deals with carnal retort ‘against a sequence of nature.’

In Apr final year, a Supreme Court concluded to hear a antidote petition on a section, responding to a petition filed by NGO Naz Foundation. The petition is tentative in a court.

A Supreme Court dais of G S Singhvi and S J Mukhopadhyay had, in Dec 2013, set aside a statute of a Delhi High Court that decriminalized homosexuality. The judges had afterwards hold that it was adult to a legislature to confirm on a matter.