Ever Wonder What Happens When You Drive Into Area 51? It’s Not Pretty

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When it comes to a universe of visitor swindling theories, no place is some-more hidden in poser than Area 51.

This sly plcae in a Nevada dried is heavily guarded, and it’s rumored to be a trickery in that a U.S. supervision communicates with aliens. It initial rose to inflection following what swindling theorists believed was a UFO pile-up behind in 1947. They speculated that supervision officials took visitor corpses and crafts to Area 51 for examination.

And a area is heavily rhythmical to this day. Trespassers are warned that guards are armed with lethal weapons and prepared to fire as they see fit. Despite all that, countless people over a years have attempted to hide onto a property. So what happens when we try to expostulate into Area 51?

Here’s how such intrusions play out.


I’d adore to hear accurately what was pronounced during that exchange. In any case, it’s flattering apparent that a supervision doesn’t wish us going anywhere nearby Area 51.