Everything About This Man’s Experience In The Bathroom Is Unpleasant

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For those of us who already fear open bathrooms, this is precisely what we do not need to hear.

While regulating a lavatory during an animal gift store in Solihull, England, Blue Cross proffer Peter Edge felt that he was in a midst of a weird antic when he saw a feign lizard draped over a toilet.

Until it started moving, that is.

Edge and a store’s partner manager succeeded in pardon a lizard — that was really many genuine — from a toilet hinge, though before they could constraint it, a thing got all adult out of there.

The lizard was many expected a corn snake, that is a class of rodent lizard that’s probably submissive to humans.

The lizard was many expected a a href=https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corn_snake target=_blankcorn snake/a, that is a class of rodent lizard that's probably submissive to humans.


Even if a lizard was harmless, we can’t consider of any quadruped I’d wish around my unclothed private tools in a tiny room reduction than this thing. I’m only going to reason it from now on.