Everything Seemed Normal In This Little Boy’s Life — Until His Face Started Melting

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Every parent’s biggest fear is that something bad will occur to their child, though as distant as this integrate knew, their pleasing baby child was innate with a purify check of health. All was well, and their son was flourishing adult only fine.

But what they didn’t know when small Diego was innate was that he had an autoimmune illness that wouldn’t perceptible until years later. Diego Melendez grown Parry-Romberg Syndrome, that is a condition that causes a physique to eat divided during soothing tissue, commencement with a face. The formula can be devastating. Luckily for Diego and his family, he has a certain opinion and a new franchise on life.

Given his situation, Diego has each right to feel downtrodden and upset. Instead, he has selected to demeanour on a splendid side, and live his life to a fullest. With a small assistance from his doctors, and a whole lot of adore from his parents, we consider this small man is going to be only fine.