Everything To Know About The 2017 Vancouver International Film Festival

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Photo: viffest on Instagram 

Set to run until tomorrow, this year’s Vancouver International Film Festival is set to embody about 400 films from over 70 countries. Other than a Toronto International Film Festival, that only wrapped progressing this month, VIFF is also deliberate one of North America’s largest film festivals. From film buffs to Hollywood stars, a dual week prolonged spectacular is an eventuality for anyone who loves a china shade to come together, right in Van City. 

This year, one of a featured films includes Modes 1, that is screened during a Vancity Theatre and claims to try a judgment of existence and “being.” Other options include The Desert Bride  at a Vancouver Playhouse, that is destined by Cecilia Atán and Valeria Balagov from Argentina and Chile. 

Along with cinema and documentaries from a latest heading directors and producers, this year’s VIFF has branched out to embody other singular platforms for visible storytelling. Through a Buffer Festival Program, attendees are invited to knowledge a dynamics of practical and protracted reality. There will be disdainful showings that applaud a contemporary change towards innovative work from YouTube’s best calm creators. This special eventuality is reported to be a world’s largest showcase of digital-first calm on a large screen. 

Unlike a Toronto International Film Festival, that is some-more tailored towards eminent Hollywood releases, VIFF has forged a niche for itself by giving a spotlight to Canadian releases. A integrate important Canadian films embody Jordan Canning’s comedy, Suck It Up, and Robert Morin’s dim thriller, Infiltration.

The True North array during VIFF is dedicated to celebrating Canadian storytellers who denote unusual artistic talent and creativity. The festival strictly ends on Oct 13, that means that Vancouver film buffs still have currently and tomorrow to suffer a cinematic offerings.