Ex-SEAL Member Who Wrote Book on Bin Laden Raid Forfeits $6.8 Million

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Matt Bissonnette, a former Navy SEAL member who wrote an criticism of a raid that killed Osama bin Laden, concluded Friday to pledge $6.8 million in book royalties.

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Matt Bissonnette, a former member of Navy SEAL Team 6 who wrote an criticism of a raid that killed Osama bin Laden, concluded on Friday to pledge $6.8 million in book royalties and vocalization fees and apologized for unwell to transparent his disclosures with a Pentagon, according to sovereign justice documents.

Mr. Bissonnette also recently dispossessed $180,000 in fees for consulting work that he did for troops contractors while he was still on a SEAL team, his lawyer, Robert D. Luskin, pronounced in an interview.

If authorized by a sovereign decider in Alexandria, Va., a kingship allotment would move an finish to some-more than dual years of polite and rapist investigations into Mr. Bissonnette, who won several awards for bravery in Iraq and Afghanistan before essay “No Easy Day,” his best-selling book on a Bin Laden raid, underneath a coop name Mark Owen.

The firsthand criticism of a adventurous raid was one of several high-profile books and cinema involving former Navy SEALS that has led to critique within a village once famous for option that Mr. Bissonnette and a others were cashing in on their exploits.

The Justice Department conducted rapist investigations into either Mr. Bissonnette had disclosed personal information in his book or speeches and either he had disregarded conflict-of-interest laws in consulting for companies that had contracts with SEAL Team 6. In a end, a dialect did not move any rapist charges, settling instead for a money forfeitures.

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Mr. Bissonnette pronounced in a matter that he regretted his disaster to contention “No Easy Day” for vetting before it was published in 2012 so Pentagon officials could safeguard that it did not embody personal information. Mr. Bissonnette concurred that he was compulsory underneath his confidence clearances to let a Pentagon examination a book, and he blamed another counsel for advising him that he did not need to do so.

“I acknowledge my mistake and have paid a unbending price, both privately and financially, for that error,” he pronounced in a matter Friday. “I accept shortcoming for unwell to contention a book for examination and apologize unequivocally for my oversight.”

Documents filed in Federal District Court in Alexandria on Friday indicated that Mr. Bissonnette contingency send scarcely $6.8 million to a supervision as partial of a settlement. The volume includes all of a $6.7 million in royalties he has warranted on “No Easy Day,” as good as $100,000 in fees for 6 speeches he gave in early 2013 before a supervision authorized a slides he used in such presentations.

Mr. Bissonnette wrote in “No Easy Day” that he was one of a SEALs who shot Bin Laden, and he and Robert O’Neill, another former SEAL Team 6 member who claims his shots were a deadly ones, have competed on a harangue circuit. Military officials pronounced that Mr. O’Neill is essay a book of his possess and has asked a Pentagon to oldster it.

While Mr. Bissonnette’s quarrel with a Pentagon over his book has perceived open attention, some sum of his consulting work while he was still a SEAL Team 6 member, as good as a damage of his fees, have not formerly been disclosed.

Mr. Luskin pronounced that Mr. Bissonnette and a sovereign authorities reached a “nonprosecution agreement” in May in that Mr. Bissonnette dispossessed $180,000 in fees for advising 3 apparatus manufacturers who were doing business with SEAL Team 6 while he was on a team.

Mr. Luskin pronounced a fees antiquated behind as distant as 2006, when Mr. Bissonnette was a investigate and growth deputy for his squadron within Team 6. Other former SEAL members have pronounced that his pursuit was to figure out what forms of apparatus they needed.

Mr. Luskin pronounced that a $180,000 came from Ops-Core, a helmet builder now owned by a Gentex Corporation in Carbondale, Pa., and dual tactical-gear manufacturers formed in Virginia Beach — SS Precision and London Bridge Trading.

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No executives during a 3 companies were accessible for comment.

Mr. Luskin pronounced that Mr. Bissonnette and other SEAL members also perceived consulting fees from companies that designed tactical wardrobe and rigging for other tools of a troops or for sales to outside enthusiasts.

Mr. Bissonnette has confirmed that he privileged a consulting work in allege with a Navy lawyer, and Mr. Luskin pronounced that helped convince prosecutors that “there was clearly on Matt’s partial no vigilant to crack a conflict-of-interest laws.” Navy officials contend they have limited such moonlighting given then.

Mr. Luskin also remarkable that a series of high-level officials have assisted other authors essay about a Bin Laden raid as good as a creators of a film “Zero Dark Thirty.” But, he said, usually Mr. Bissonnette has paid any penalties for a disclosures.

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