Ex-top cop’s admissions about 26/11 Mumbai apprehension conflict leave Pakistan red-faced

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Pakistan’s determined lies over a impasse in India’s possess 9/11 – a Mumbai apprehension attacks of 26-29 November, 2008 – have been unprotected by a possess former tip questioner Tariq Khosa who has definitely settled that a attacks were launched from Pakistani soil.

Khosa is no typical mortal of Pakistan. He had led his country’s investigations into a Mumbai apprehension attacks in ability of arch of Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), a position he was given weeks after a Mumbai mayhem.

Moreover, Khosa’s views have not come as an talk to a TV channel from that he can after squirm out, though as a sealed essay in Pakistani heading English daily Dawn. The ban article “Mumbai attacks trial” can be accessed here .



Khosa has cited 7 reveal-all contribution proof Pakistan’s impasse in a Mumbai attacks. It is improved to review these 7 contribution in a really difference of Khosa himself.

“The following contribution are pertinent. First, Ajmal Kasab was a Pakistani national, whose place of chateau and initial drill as good as his fasten a criminialized belligerent organization was determined by a investigators. Second, a Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) terrorists were imparted training nearby Thatta, Sindh and launched by sea from there. The training stay was identified and cumulative by a investigators. The casings of a bomb inclination used in Mumbai were recovered from this training stay and duly matched. Third, a fishing trawler used by a terrorists for hijacking an Indian trawler in that they sailed to Mumbai, was brought behind to harbour, afterwards embellished and concealed. It was recovered by a investigators and connected to a accused. Fourth, a engine of a boat deserted by a terrorists nearby Mumbai gulf contained a obvious series by that a investigators traced a import from Japan to Lahore and afterwards to a Karachi sports emporium from where an LeT-linked belligerent purchased it along with a dinghy. The income route was followed and associated to a indicted who was arrested. Fifth, a ops room in Karachi, from where a operation was directed, was also identified and cumulative by a investigators. The communications by Voice over Internet Protocol were unearthed. Sixth, a purported commander and his deputies were identified and arrested. Seventh, a integrate of foreign-based financiers and facilitators were arrested and brought to face trial.”

It is not only a bravery of Khosa that needs to be dignified for spilling a beans though “Dawn” also needs to be complimented for intrepid journalism. The really fact that such an anti-establishment square has been published by a Pakistani journal shows that a Pakistani press is  perhaps eccentric and bold.

Incidentally, a former Director General of FIA, has offset his sardonic square by articulate about Pakistan’s concerns about “the botched review into a Samjhauta Express bombing” and India’s purported growth support to rebellion in Balochistan and purported “terror financing” by India in Karachi and FATA (Federally Administered Tribal Areas).

Khosa has done some really lucid suggestions. One, both India and Pakistan should acknowledge their mistakes and learn to co-exist while perplexing to solve troublesome issues peacefully. Two, Pakistan as a republic should be prepared to pattern bravery to face worried truths and quarrel a threat of terrorism.

It stays to be seen how a Pakistani government, quite a troops establishment, reacts to Khosa’s severe article. However, a Indian vital investiture has reasons to laugh from ear to ear over his fibre of disclosures.

New Delhi can now flourish this essay to a US-led general village with an “Ï told we so” kind of template.

The essay by Khosa has come forward of inhabitant confidence advisor-level talks between India and Pakistan due to be hold in New Delhi after this month.

This growth will take a breeze out of Pakistani sails as their NSA Sartaz Aziz is reportedly entrance to India to palm over a “dossier” to his Indian reflection Ajit Doval about India’s purported sins of repudiation and elect on a apprehension front.

However, New Delhi will do good not to swank over a Khosa missile. India can't means to regard a essay selectively and damn a rest when it comes to Pakistani concerns, including Samjhauta Express.

If a dual sides are honestly endangered to urge shared ties, a dual NSAs would have to listen to their primary ministers’ charge given to them during Ufa, Russia, to “discuss all issues associated to terrorism”. But doing that alone won’t suffice.

For how prolonged India-Pakistan engagements would sojourn a discourse of a deaf? The dual chief armed neighbours have to uncover majority and pierce on from sour past.