ExoMars 2016 targets Mar launch window

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At that moment, a thrusters will be switched off and a lander will dump to a ground, where a impact will be cushioned by a crushable structure built into a module.

Less than 8 mins will elapse between a impulse when Schiaparelli enters a atmosphere to a alighting on Mars in a segment famous as Meridiani Planum.

However, a forsake was recently found in dual vigour transducers mounted in a thrust system.

“A disaster in a prolongation routine of a vigour transducers has been identified and this leads to concerns about leakage, that represents a vital risk to a successful alighting on Mars,” says Don McCoy, ESA ExoMars Project Manager.

“ESA has motionless not to accept this risk and to mislay both units from a alighting module, a knock-on outcome being that we can no longer say a Jan 2016 launch window and will instead pierce to a fill-in launch window in March.

“We are gratified to have identified a emanate in good time, and are focusing all a efforts to launch on 14 March.”

The sensors are not partial of a control loop required for landing, though would rather have collected subordinate information for monitoring a system. In sequence to accommodate a new launch window, a preference was done to mislay a parts, rather than reinstate them.

The after window is open 14–25 Mar and, interjection to a relations orbital positions of Earth and Mars, a goal will still arrive during Mars in October, only as if launched in January.

A set of systematic sensors on Schiaparelli will collect information on a atmosphere during a entrance and descent, and a instruments will perform internal sourroundings measurements during a alighting site.

Source: ESA