Expanding participation in China’s periphery: Modi to revisit 5 Central Asian nations after Russia outing in July

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s second year in bureau is set to be even some-more chaotic than his initial year in terms of his unfamiliar travels. After his lass outing to Bangladesh subsequent week (6-7 July), he is due to revisit Russia on 7 Jul for attending multilateral events. Soon after that, he is expected to revisit all 5 Central Asian countries — Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.

In Russia, PM Modi will be attending a 7th BRICS limit that is scheduled to take place in Ufa on 8-9 July. The BRICS limit will be followed by a 15th Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) limit during a same venue on 9-10 July. Incidentally, PM Modi will be roving to Russia again towards a finish of a year on quite a shared revisit to attend a annual India-Russia annual summit.

India is not nonetheless a full member of SCO and has usually Observer standing in this Eurasian political, mercantile and troops organization founded in 2001 founded by China and a 5 Central Asian countries. There is a clever probability that India would be given full membership of a SCO forward of a Ufa summit.

If that happens, Modi willl turn a initial Indian Prime Minister to attend a SCO.

Though SCO is not a troops bloc, it is increasingly removing pro-active in  international confidence and opposite terrorism architecture, quite in Central Asia. This creates SCO all a some-more critical for India.



PM Modi’s due revisit to Central Asian countries is poignant as it would vigilance India’s vigilant to get active  in a segment where China has done low forays for years. Ever given a former Soviet Union states in Central Asia became eccentric countries in a arise of fall of Soviet Union in 1991, no Indian primary apportion has visited all 5 Central Asian countries in one go.

Chinese President Xi Jinping’s landmark unfamiliar process beginning Silk Road Economic Belt (SREB) was denounced during his debate of a 5 Central Asian states in Sep 2013.

China has poured over 33 billion dollars in a 5 Central Asian states in a final decade and has probably nudged out Russia in terms of change from a latter’s possess backyard.

Consider a Chinese investments in Central Asia in past decade (2005-2015): Tajikistan ($1.24 billion), Turkmenistan ($3.88 billion), Uzbekistan ($1.51 billion), Kazakhstan ($23.55 billion) and Kyrgyzstan $3.61 billion). More sum in this context are accessible here.

Now cruise some of a monumental projects that China has undertaken in Central Asia. In a above-mentioned list of Chinese investments in Central Asia, Kazakhstan tops a list. Kazakhstan, world’s ninth largest country, is a largest Central Asian nation. It is a many economically modernized republic in Central Asia and is abounding in vegetable resources, including oil and uranium. Recently China had handed over a loan of 10 billion dollars to cash-strapped Kazakhstan and is ancillary construction projects and investment from Ashgabat to Bishkek. Inevitably, it is not but quid pro quo and Beijing will be extracting a bruise of strength from Astana.

Besides, China is constructing multi-million dollar infrastructure projects in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan and assisting to financial construction of railway from Uzbekistan by Kyrgyzstan to China.

It is opposite this backdrop that PM Modi’s due revisit to all 5 Central Asian nations assumes significance. Previous governments too satisfied a vital significance of Central Asia and a need to opposite China’s fast swelling footprint in a region.

PM Modi’s Central Asia channel should be firmed adult in a subsequent integrate of weeks. Though a Prime Minister’s Russia revisit will be a high form one since of BRICS and SCO summits, in many ways a Central Asian leg of his debate will be equally important, if not more. The universe will be examination Modi’s Central Asia trip: a West with sincere glee; Russia with some growth service (as India finally counters Russia’s ‘frenemy’ China); and China with certain grade of trepidation.