Explore Majestic Lake Louise This Season

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As distant as stately bodies of H2O go, Lake Louise flattering many takes a cake. With overwhelming bluish blue waves and a considerable surrounding mountains, Lake Louise is one of Canada’s must-see destinations. The rolling plateau make Lake Louise a primary end for skiing and snowboarding, and starting in November, thousands of snowbirds will start to make their approach to this scenic winter hotspot. However, Lake Louise offers a series of activities during a winter months that don’t engage skiing, though are only as sparkling and enjoyable. We’ve dull adult some of a tip non ski-related activities to learn during Lake Louise this season.


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Dog Sledding

Travelling by dogsled was creatively a process of travel for a Inuit and early settlers in Banff. Today, visitors can still knowledge this refreshing float by one of Canada’s many pleasing landscapes. Each dog sled debate starts with a correct accommodate and hail with a group of Alaskan huskies, any of that plays a opposite purpose in a team. Envelop yourself in a sweeping and relax as your beam and lerned dogs lead we by a mountains. Tours operation from half hour excursions to full day trips.


Named a world’s best skating course by CNN and Huffington Post, skating during Lake Louise promises to be a lively experience. Glide opposite a ice and gawk out during a Canada’s Rocky Mountains and a Victoria Glacier. The course is privileged of sleet daily, creation for an beguiling and problem giveaway experience. For a quite lively slip on a lake, try a ice castle, a majestic structure combined by a Fairmont Chateau Hotel built any year only in time for Christmas.

Gondola Ride

If hiking isn’t your thing though we still wish to locate a pleasing perspective of a lake, a gondola float is your best bet. The Banff and Lake Louise segment is home to 4 opposite gondolas, any charity singular sightseeing opportunities. The Lake Louise Sight Seeing Gondola offers forlorn views of a Victoria Glacier, and is famous to be an glorious approach to mark grizzly bears in their healthy habitat. At an betterment of roughly 7000 feet, a gondola float is ideal for a regretful outing for dual or an brave family day.

 Banff Craft Beer Festival

Finally, if you’ve had adequate with outside exploring, you’ll really wish to locate a Banff Craft Beer Festival. This sampling eventuality will concede visitors and area locals to exam out some of Alberta’s excellent qualification beers, as good as some of a best internal pub fare. The festival will take place during Canada’s initial inhabitant park, a Cave and Basin, that will concede drink enthusiasts to take in a pleasing sights of Lake Louise from a regard of a eventuality grounds. The Banff Craft Beer Festival takes place from Nov 27th – 28th.