Exquisite Views of Earth’s Cities Featured in First Ultra HD Videos from Space Station

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A contingent of Earth’s cities come to life like never before with yesterday’s (June 17) announcement of a initial ever full-color, ultra High Definition full tone videos prisoner by a new blurb camera commissioned aboard a International Space Station (ISS) that was grown and built by a Canadian-based association UrtheCast Corp.

The UrtheCast Corp. Iris camera aboard a International Space Station holding ultra HD video of Earth. Credit: NASA/UrtheCast

The UrtheCast Corp. Iris camera aboard a International Space Station holding ultra HD video of Earth. Credit: NASA/UrtheCast

See Boston, Barcelona and London adult tighten and alive like you’ve never seen them before in a artistic HD Vimeo videos featured above and below. Indeed a high def videos are “unparalled” says Urthecast.

“These are a a world’s first, full-color HD videos of Earth, filmed from a International Space Station (ISS),” pronounced Urthecast. They have roughly one-meter resolution.

Be certain to click to increase a videos to get a full sovereignty of these cities from space.

Amazingly, we can even watch cars expostulate along freeways and shipping containers zipping along waterways in a video shot by Iris, UrtheCast’s Ultra HD video camera bolted to a extraneous of a large outpost that’s orbiting Earth during an altitude of some 250 miles (400 kilometers).

“Today, we are stability a enrichment towards democratizing a Earth Observation industry, creation timely Earth video and imagery from space permitted to everyone,” explained Scott Larson, UrtheCast Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, in a statement.

In a lead video of a city of Boston, United States, above we get a glance of “fabled Fenway Park in HD” from a Iris camera aboard a ISS.
“Fenway, a oldest round park in Major League Baseball and a home of a Boston Red Sox, sits aside a Charles River and a pleasing Emerald Necklace — a linear fibre of parks and rivers,” records a Urthecast description.

UrtheCast’s idea is to yield “Ultra HD video and still imagery of Earth that will concede for monitoring of a environment, charitable relief, amicable events, rural land, etc,” says a association on a website.

The 3 videos from a Iris full tone HD camera cover areas in any of a 3 cities trimming adult to 1.19 x 0.67 miles (1.92 x 1.08 kms) “that is, as of yet, unparalleled.”

Here’s a full tone HD video of London, United Kingdom:

Video caption: London, United Kingdom. Like peering out over a Thames River from your aeroplane window — see a Tube sight depart, a London Eye spin, and cars round Charing Cross. Captured from a International Space Station during roughly one-meter resolution, UrtheCast’s ‘First Light’ video apartment facilities downtown London, England, showcasing a iota of one of Europe‘s many populous cities. Credit: UrtheCast

“With a ultimate idea of joining a universe and highlighting what unites us all, we’re divulgence a viewpoint of Earth from space that was formerly indifferent for a tiny few. By opening adult a API to a web growth community, we’re providing partnership collection that will assistance people monitor, protect, and advantage a universe and will lead to a democratization of Earth Observation imagery,” remarkable Larsen.

Here’s a full tone HD video of Barcelona, Spain:

Barcelona, Spain. Colourful shipping containers zip around a Port of Barcelona in this ‘First Light’ UrtheCast video, prisoner during roughly one-meter fortitude from a International Space Station. To a left of a frame, high atop Montjuïc hill, lies a site of a 1992 Olympics, staid opposite a seaside of a Balearic Sea. Credit: UrtheCast

UrtheCast says it expects Iris to grasp Initial Operation Capability (IOC) standing someday this summer. Their medium-resolution, Theia, achieved IOC standing in 2014 “and is actively stuffing orders for imagery and data.”

Both cameras were flown to a ISS on Russian booster and commissioned on a extraneous of a Russian shred by Russian cosmonauts.

Meanwhile, a tellurian crews aboard a ISS continue to constraint monumental imagery with palm hold cameras.

Source: Universe Today, created by Ken Kremer